One nightstand costs 10 million for Kenyan senator

 Makueni’s Senator, Mutula Kilonzo has spent close to KSh 10million on a child that he allegedly  sired with a secret lover 

-He has since reneged his earlier promise to take care of the child saying that the child resembles another man 

Makueni Senator, Mutula Kilonzo Junior has admitted that he paid a sum of KSh 150,000 to Victoria Ndung’e to procure an abortion but the latter carried the pregnancy but gave to a baby girl that looked like another man.


Kilonzo and the woman are now embroiled in a nasty tussle after the senator refused to take care of the girl who he alleges, was sired by another man.

The senator lodged a counterclaim at the Milimani law courts where he told the court that the woman frustrated his efforts of having a paternity test in India and had been using the child to frustrate him and extort him.

Ndunge’s family say that the child was not born prematurely  as the woman had claimed and was in fact sired by her longtime lover with who, she has had a thing since 2012.

The girl, Kilonzo confirms was born at 24 weeks after he got intimate with Ndung’e instead of the normal 40 weeks. In  light of this, Kilonzo who has learnt that the girl was not born prematurely is sure that he is not the father.

To further cement his conviction, Mutula says that his name does not appear on the child’s birth notification and the birth certificate.

Ndung’e was reportedly bought for a car at the cost of KSh 1.8million, land and a 15-year-long life insurance plan with a maturity of KSh 5,000,000.

Ndung’e now wants an upkeep of KSh 259,000 a month from the Senator even as Mutula wants the court to compel her to prove that she cannot take carr of the child.

The senator in the affidavit that he has filed, also said that he only slept with the woman once and it was the last time they ever got intimate.


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