OPINION: The Fate of Africa

by R.dachuben

There are fifty-four (54) sovereign States in Africa. All, except Morocco, are members of the African Union [re: Google]. In my opinion (as a typical regular readership) the terms “sovereignty” and “African Union” as constituted are meaningless.

The African Union is equivalent to the European Union!!! – I rushed to add: only in concept, please! Perhaps some intellectuals of deep knowledge would one day explain in writing the accomplishments (if any) of the African Union in its given TERMS of REFERENCE – for the benefit of Africa. As things stand, AFRICA would age to death before the Union gets anything done and render the concept of “sovereignty’ null and void.

What have the good innocent people of Africa benefited from the service of the African Union since it inception? Would non-existence of the African Union have made any difference to the good people of Africa? And why were the supremely educated African intellectuals failed to get together and come up with a study to rescue their people, but instead they still continue to do nothing — oblivious of any sense of urgency and guilt?

Is there a single State in Africa known for its NOTABLE accomplishment in socioeconomics and political institutions, resembling a tangible inclination to developments? If the answer is NO; then the question is WHY? The question is glaringly gnawing directly at its modern educated African sons and daughters, graduate of Ivy League Western Universities around the Globe. Why can’t they get together? Why can’t their consciousness urge them to get together and come to the recue of their beloved African societies?

We know why? Don’t we, Dear Intellectuals? Go back to the fundamental of years gone by and ponder, review and understand the application of the so-called ‘modern’ education to the African Child >>> that was YOU and still haunts you – at least, it should! In the process, YOU may wish to review a parallel world history with respect to ‘modern’ education that was applied to other indigenous brave and deeply honest people which sadly resulted in total dysfunctionality. Why? In short, glaring historical crime was purported by invaders from other continent for ‘space’ and ‘richness’, ‘liquidating’ the indigenous inhabitants that they found on their way to the greatest crime that has ever purported in human history. Hundred of years later, meaningless apology came forward (for historical books) for the perpetrated crime committed by their ancestors. Alas, it is all meaningless as far as the poor and dysfunctional remnants of the ancient indigenous proud people are concerned.

Let us turn the page of history to Africa. At a consequential risk for being daring (even in the tooted environment of freedom of ideas and expression) the following question can be asked: would it be far fetched to conjure that the African Race would also meet, in the realm of futurism, the same fate as the indigenous Race described above. Perhaps it is exaggerated; nevertheless, the DIRECTION to that eventuality is clear, in varied shapes and forms.

Dear AFRICAN Intellectuals. Would history nudge you to wake up; to get together; and to come to the rescue of your beloved Africa – ‘Today’ NOT ‘Tomorrow’? It only requires fifty-four (54) dedicated individuals of the highest educational level to start the wheel. Is it impossible for African Scholars of the highest order to mind the business of Africa? If the answer is confidently NO, then as the African adage of wisdom goes >>> “well, here is the horse; and here is the open vast field”.


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