Hotels in Kenya’s south Coast accused of withholding data from agency

Some hoteliers in South Coast are reluctant to take part in statistical data collection by a Government agency. Only 17 out of the 28 tourist hotels in the popular tourist destination co-operated with officials from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Kwale assistant County Commissioner Kenneth Gitonga said yesterday. The official, who represented County Commissioner Kutswa Olaka at this year’s celebrations to mark the African Statistics Day at Baraza Park, said officials from KNBS face difficulties accessing some of the hotels to collect data. The bureau often carries out research and survey in different parts of the country. “The information we have is that the bureau has been facing challenges when dealing with some of the hoteliers who are among the major culprits in failing to provide data in this county,” said Mr Gitonga.
He also took issue with some residents for refusing to co-operate with KNBS, citing the enumeration of children with disabilities, which was frustrated by parents who hid the minors. COUNTY LEVEL Mr Gitonga stressed the importance of statistics both at the national and county level in planning for socio-economic development.  approached for data. “The hotels are expected to provide data but some of the establishments don’t co-operate,” he added. The hotels seem uncomfortable with the exercise apparently because they feel that they may be revealing their business secrets. But according to the Statistics Act, the bureau cannot publish or release any statistics that could disclose information obtained relating to any identifiable business without the written consent of that business.
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r.dachuben Nov 22, 2016 at 6:46 pm

“Hotels in Kenya’s south Coast accused of withholding data from agency, Nov 21, 2016”

Warning: I grab at this news item in order to address a pet subject I have for a long time: EDUCATION! But I rush to add that I have no iota of credential on Education, per se. Consequently, if you find my commentary out of place, please forgive me for being a perfect example of our AFRICAN WISDOM: ‘an excited hyena, attacks the horn’ (sorry for the clumsy translation)

I know and appreciate the purpose of the Article is directly pointed at Hotel Owners etc. My excitement, however, is based on the rationality behind the negative tendency of the Hotel owners not to provide statistical information. I think, I understand their ‘hesitation’. I dare say this: they are only victims of their BACKGROUND. Let me try to explain.

I wrote in one of my commentaries that there are no reliable statistics in Africa by Africans. My ‘assertion’ was NOT BASED on any education on the subject but based on life long side-line observation and experience. I have always been convinced that the EDUCATION System WE AFRICANS had, and still have, was/is never geared to the African Child in mind. It was only a “training”, inclined to imitation, where the African Child REPEATS, MEMORIZES for examination, and looks forward for that piece of paper of certificate up to and including the so-called Degree. After that, it is a Life of ‘mimicking’. And that becomes the END of EDUCATION to the grown-up African Child. The so-called Modern Education in Africa (as conceived and established by colonial forces) was NEVER geared to the development of INQUISITIVENESS AND ANALYTICAL MIND of the African Child. Further, the so-called Modern Education was never meant to BROADEN the KNOWLEDGE and VISION of the African Child.

Let me confess. I have no idea what so ever whether the PRINCIPLE and AIM of education in Africa was ever critically reviewed and developed within the African prism, taking into account African sociological, cultural, language and history as a FOUNDATION – for the overall socioeconomic development of the African Continent. In short, I am inclined to believe that there has never been a study on EDUCATION in the context of AFRICANS.

Let us address the subject of Statistics, with respect to the Hotel case. If the Hotel owners were to understand and appreciate the inherent need for Statistics in any Nation, the Hotel owners wouldn’t have hesitated in providing the required information – based on the regulations, rules and laws of the country. If they refuse, the written law will take care of it. But, sadly, that is not the mind set we have in Africa. We still have the mentality of the colonial legacy of order, obey, hide, lie, artificially praise the master, procrastinate, etc . It is not based on education and rationality.

What is the solution? It is a long process. It requires awareness and application of education system, geared to the development of inquisitive and analytical free mind of the AFRICAN CHILD – not memorization and parrot-like repetition thus making EDUCATION daily ritual monotony.
P.S. IMPORTANT >>>By the way, needless to say, it shall be clear that the above discussion does NOT, in any way or implication, condone the reported behavior of the Hotel owners.

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