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Rwanda: President Kagame Meets Experts On African Union Reform

President Paul Kagame yesterday convened a meeting of the team of experts advising on African Union reform to discuss the implementation process.

The meeting took place in Gabiro, Eastern Province, according to a statement from Presidency.

This was a follow up on the 2nd Retreat of Heads of State and Government held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in January, where the President presented the report on the institutional reform of the African Union mandated by the 27th Summit in July 2016.

The 28th Summit of the African Union subsequently adopted the amended reform recommendations and mandated President Kagame to supervise the implementation process, in consultation with the incoming Chairperson, President Alpha Conde of Guinea, and the outgoing Chairperson, President Idriss Deby Itno of Chad, whom he intends to meet in the coming weeks.

The statement from Presidency said additional consultations will continue with other stakeholders, in particular the incoming Chairperson of the Commission, with a view to putting the reform mechanism into operation without delay.

President Kagame will make his first report on the progress made in implementing the decision of the Heads of State on institutional reform at the 29th Summit in July.

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1 comment

rezen Feb 28, 2017 at 6:12 am

Subject: “Rwanda: President Kagame Meets Experts On African Union Reform”Feb 27, 2017 by Alleastafrica and The New Times

Commentary, 27 Feb 2017
Reform of the African Union!?! It is way past its due time. But, LATE is much better than NEVER. And honestly and The New Times must be commended for bringing out such subject matters to their general readership. They have done their responsibility. What is ours – the readership?

Now, the mandated President Kagame has a historical Task on his hand but also important for his own History. The African Union (AU), as it was proudly called the Organization of African Unity (OAU) at its birthday (fifty-four years ago), has achieved nothing for the benefit of the ordinary African People. NOTHING!

By the way, the OAU served (actually existed) for about forty-years before it was replaced by the present name. Let me ask this: It may sound frivolous. But it shows where our perception of our own values lie. Permit me to ask: What was the result of changing the name of the organization from OAU to AU? I say, nothing of substance. For those who are interested as to the rationality of changing the name, it would be their worthwhile to browse the good old Google. It is really revealing. But let me not digress too far.

The above is not a blind negation but a glaring fact that the existence of OAU or AU had/has absolutely no effect on the socioeconomic and political development for the benefit of the AFRICAN PEOPLE. And African politicians, as well as the highly educated African Intellectuals – graduate of Ivy League Universities in the Western Word — did absolutely NOTHING to even establish a theoretical foundation for the benefit of the African PEOPLE. It is no use to have empty tantrum, of emotion pretending to defend Africa without producing tangible result for the ORDINARY AFRICAN PEOPLE, from East to West and from South to North of our Continent.

And now we have “Experts On African Union Reform” under the direction of the Honorable President Kagame. May a dosage of Good Luck also be mixed with their efforts to make the Organization a little bit independent and productive, on its own merit, for the benefit of the African People. I hope the African people would not, once again, be ‘the but of a cruel joke’ in a vacuous promise to make their Life better than they have ever experienced.

But let us be honest to ourselves: what do WE AFRICANS have that can make us proud of any achievement, for our own benefit, according to our own needs and ingenuity? If looting of wealth of a Continent and brutalizing innocent people by indigenous self-appointed dictators is considered as some sort of ‘liberation, freedom and advancement’ then WE are indeed psychiatrically traumatized people, without knowing it!!! Adio! “modern” education – as an ‘emancipator’.

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