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Tanzania: …read the Writing On the Wall, JPM Warns Criminals

Dr Magufuli expressed pains over the criminal acts, which disrupt the country’s peace and scaring away existing and potential investors in the district, vowing that the government will use all its security machineries to ensure the perpetrators are booked and brought to justice.

“They (criminals) will not be left to continue with these disruptive actions… I want to assure you that they won’t penetrate… and I repeat, they won’t penetrate,’’ insisted the Commander-inChief of the Armed Forces, declaring that security agencies will take the sternest measures against crimes in the country.

Speaking after laying the foundation stone for the construction of the tile factory at Goodwill Tanzania Ceramic Company Limited, on his way to Lindi and Mtwara regions by road, Dr Magufuli insisted that nobody will be spared in the crackdown on illegal activities.

The Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Lu Youguing, also attended the foundation stone laying at the Chinese Investors owned firm, with total investment of over 50 million US dollars (over 100bn/-). President Magufuli who began his working tour of Coast, Lindi and Mtwara regions fumed, “You know the criminals because you live with them… they may be your husbands, wives, brothers, sisters or children, but you should volunteer information leading to their arrest.”

Mkuranga district has in recent months been on the headlines following a series of criminal actions, with the perpetrators targeting police officers and civil leaders. Recently, at Vikindu area, some 20 kilometres off the country’s commercial city, Dar es Salaam, residents spent sleepless nights following exchanges of fire between detectives and heavily armed bandits who were hiding in a house.

The atrocious incident left a high-ranking police officer and several suspected bandits dead. However, the incident sent a message that civilians were not the target as nobody was harmed.

The gun battle, which raged for about six hours, involved heavily trained mobsters who were all out to take revenge.

President Magufuli said here yesterday that although Coast Region boasts of a good number of major factories in the country, investors were likely to shun the place unless there is guaranteed peace and security.

“The region has 83 large industries and over 200 small and medium industries, that is why I say you should be ambassadors of industrial based economy that the country is propagating,’’ said Dr Magufuli.

He invited more foreign and local investors to invest in the country, insisting that Tanzania was a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) with a population of 400 million people and the East African Cooperation (EAC) with over 160 million population.

“With almost 600 million people, investors will have access to huge markets for their goods,’’ he noted.

In his remarks, Coast Regional Commissioner, Engineer Evarist Ndikilo said the region will not tolerate any crime, saying whoever is nabbed will face the wrath of the law. “Already we have identified a gang of these criminals and soon they will face the music,’’ he insisted.

In another development, Dr Magufuli asked Tanzanians to work hard and use the current rains to produce food, insisting that the government will not provide relief food to lazy people, crying of hunger.

“Some politicians have been lying that nobody shall die of hunger, promising to provide relief food, these are liars… in my leadership, frankly speaking, I will not provide food to lazy people. Let me assure you that if you don’t work, you will surely die of hunger,’’ he insisted.

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rezen Mar 4, 2017 at 9:05 pm

Subject: “Tanzania: …read the Writing On the Wall, JPM Warns Criminals” by Alleastafrica and Daily News, Mar 3, 2017

Commentary, 3 March 2017
As an individual, as a commoner, I wish Good Luck to the 57-year old, dynamic Honourable Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, President of Tanzania, all the luck that he deserves for his ‘good intention’ in favour of the Tanzanian people. Yes, we assume it is good intention. But he is heading to failure for the simple reason that he is goaded by emotion rather than facing the situation realistically, historically and charting a practical solution for mammoth contagious disease in our Africa.

Let us be honest. The Honourable President’s uncontrollable anger, which leads to disillusionment, is frightening. His Doctorate (PhD), in what ever subject it may be, is not serving him well, as an intellectual, to have a broad view of age-old matters on the ground. He must come down to earth – so to say. Observe what he said:
Quote: “ “Some politicians have been lying that nobody shall die of hunger, promising to provide relief food, these are liars… in my leadership, frankly speaking, I will not provide food to lazy people. Let me assure you that if you don’t work, you will surely die of hunger,’’ “ UNQUOTE

Derived out of anger, such simplicity of Africa’s problem will surely lead us to DICTATORSHIP that the world had already witnessed “YESTERDAY”! The good Doctor may have a good intention but his dramatic view will sure lead him to frustration and eventually jump into criminal act of eliminating ‘the undesirable’. Yes, ‘undesirable’ citizens defined by one mortal human being!!! We have seen it before!
The Tanzanian people must be aware of this distinct repetition of history and challenge it in the legal institutions of the Tanzanian’s Government. The African people also, in general, must take note of this development lest they cry “we didn’t know” not far away down the ‘road’. Again it is worth emphasizing that we have seen it before in Africa, and in other places of our WORLD. Shouldn’t we learn from history?

Let us take another quotation: QUOTE: “You know the criminals because you live with them… they may be your husbands, wives, brothers, sisters or children, but you should volunteer information leading to their arrest.” : UNQUOTE

The idea is horrifying; and very recent history described it ALL in horrifying details where members of innocent Families became each others enemies and informants to ABSOLUTE CRUEL DICTATORSHIP of GOVERNMENT. It happened; and still happening in various forms where citizens become informants of dictatorial regimes >>>of course, unashamedly, it is touted as the benefit for the “people” !!!!!!!!! What a cynicism!!!

REMEMBRANCE: Writing about Tanzania one can’t help remembering the Honourable, Intellectual, Charming and Beloved Julius Nyerere and his dream to transform Tanzania based on his ideals of “African Socialism”. It didn’t work; and he was great enough to acknowledge it.

What we Africans must understand is that Africa must have its own dreams and socioeconomic means of developing with, as necessary, the ‘trimmings’ acquired from other societies but NOT BLINDLY FULL- BLOWN COPY OF OTHERS. I hastened to add that this posture should not (and in fact cannot) be taken at is face value. Africa depends on other advanced countries for technological development. Still, Africa should be critical in every field of endeavour. It means — crude as it may sound — Africa should not be a damping ground for other countries’ “garbage” [i.e. in its broad meaning].

Conclusion: It hurts very deeply to say, that the image of Africans around the Globe is negative , as negative as it could be – putting it mildly. The formation of the African negative image was accentuated by Hollywood and spread all over the Globe in ‘Nano second’ (so to say). It will take undefined years to erase that image. Indeed, in ideal case, Hollywood should have been taken to Law Court for CRIMES COMMITTED UPON HUMANITY..This is not NOT humorous statement.

But, regardless of the negative image, Africa has ‘forced economic relationship’ with other Continents as money making [business] venture. It is a relationship that was never sociologically designed but simply because Africa is the richest Continent of natural mineral untapped wealth, clean rivers and magnificent falls, seas and oceans, varied meteorological climates , deep forests ………………… Consequentially, the Africa of TODAY is deeply polluted and corrupted, in every sector, by the immigration of colonial forces subjugating the Continent with devastating result at every endeavor of human venture. What is also a distinct possibility is that our Africa as we know it will no longer belong to Africans but to technologically advanced countries, hungry for SPACE for their own ever growing population. When Africans are migrating out of their Home Land, at alarming rate to various places around the Globe, a SPACE is created for those who are over populated and/or hungry for ‘Paradise on Earth”. All the cries that we hear on broadcasting media about flood of African migration out of their countries is inherently “crocodile tears.’ After all, vacating Africa is the ultimate desire by the modern, sleek, noiseless, sophisticated robbers of the 21st Century — “gone with the wind” the ‘savage ’ style of the old colonial powers.

One day, we Africans will wake-up completely engulfed by peaceful ‘occupiers’ hungry for vast space and enviable natural resources. Once again, let me recite, for the one hundredth time, a sad stanza: “CRY, MY BELOVED COUNTRY.” Let it be a MONUMENT of GUILT to all so-called ‘Modern Educated’ Africans who are devoid of any sense of selectivity in their intake >>> like parrots!!! THE END
P.S. Once again, heart-felt thanks to for providing a free space to express our feelings on a cardinal subject – ‘OURSELVES ‘. What else is there more important than ‘OURSELVES’?

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