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Boinnet shot at by ranch invaders as helicopter took off from Sosian farm

IG of Police Joseph Boinnet has denied being shot at by ranch invaders as his helocopter took off from Sosian farm, Laikipia county on Sunday.

During the attack, the area county commander’s vehicle was ambushed on the boundary between Sosian and Suyian farms, while a commercial vehicle was shot at near Kinamba, on the road between Rumuruti and Maralal.

No deaths have been reported. Initial attempts to reach the IG for comment on the incident were futile as calls and messages went unanswered.

But he later said: ” … those allegations are a lie they have been fabricated.”

The attacks are linked to suspected Pokot and Samburu herdsmen who have invaded ranches in Laikipia North en masse with their cattle.

They made away with a herd of camels in Sunday’s attack. Pasture was also destroyed and animals on the ranch are now starving.

This week, the invaders torched three homes on Sosian, a tourism and cattle enterprise. The lodge closed its doors to business last month after invaders razed the lodge in the neighbouring Suyian ranch.

Ranch invaders are said to number more than a thousand men and youths, many with assault rifles, too aggressive for police to tackle.

Laikipia North is increasingly becoming a conflict zone as people and wildlife are killed with impunity, livestock stolen, houses razed and property looted.

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