Ugandan police interrogate prominent feminist for ‘offending’ president

©Dr. Stella Nyanzi

According to officials, Ms. Nyanzi was interrogated for more than four hours at Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters at Kibuli, in the Kampala suburb.

By Nangayi Guyson,

Kampala, Uganda-Makerere University researcher, Dr Stella Nyanzi, has been interrogated by police over her social media postings that allegedly bashed President Museveni and the First Lady.

According to officials, Ms. Nyanzi was interrogated for more than four hours at Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters at Kibuli, in the Kampala suburb on Tuesday.

Although Police has not pointed out who the complainant is, Dr Nyanzi insisted that she had been summoned for criticizing the First Lady, Ms Janet Museveni who is also the Education minister who she alleged told  MPs that the government had no money to buy sanitary pads for school girls which president Museveni promised during election campaigns last year.

Commenting on the issue, Kampala Spokesman, Emillian Kayima, said that Dr Nyanzi has been summoned to give explanations on many postings on her social media platform, that he said much portrayed some people in bad light.

“Our interaction with her was to see whether she has committed crime or not, however, the language she is using on socialmedia is not appropriate.” he told the local media.

Speaking to journalist after the interrogations Dr. Nyanzi that police told her that she offended the president.

“The president has been offending many of us for a long time. By the way, who is Janet? She is not a mother. A mother should provide pads for our girls. There are billions of shillings that have been embezzled by this regime. How dare could she say [that] government has no money to buy sanitary towels for our girls in their menses,” Dr Nyanzi questioned.

She added: “Neither Museveni nor Janet will stop me from criticizing this government. They should do things in the right way if they don’t want to be criticized.”
President Museveni while campaigning for his fifth elective term in Alebtong District, he promised that his government would provide free sanitary pads for all girls in school.

While appearing before the Parliament’s Education Committee on February 13, Minister of education and sports Ms. Museveni also said that the governmentwould would provide sanitary pads to school girls as promised by the President because of financial constraint.

When this news reached the ears of Dr Nyanzi, she went to social media and criticized government over issue, launching a fundraising project to raise money and buy sanitary pads for all girls in Ugandan schools.

You can go to Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s Facebook page and read more of her postings about the issue.

Meanwhile, Ms. Nyanzi came to prominence when she started posting critical comments against President museveni’s regime and started supporting Dr Kizza Besigye when his 2016 elections campaigns gained momentum.

She also came into the limelight when she posted photos and video clips of her undressed on her Facebook wall, before she proceeded to Makerere university where she had again stripped naked in protest of the university’s decision that saw her office locked out for under unclear circumstances.

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  1. Subject: “Ugandan police interrogate prominent feminist for ‘offending’ president”
    Mar 9, 2017

    Commentary, 10 Mar 2017
    What a courageous Lady! Right at the SPOT, she expresses her opinion and gives a lesson to the general public, and in general to Africa — which, by the way, includes the multitude African Intellectuals (where ever they may be) the meaning of independence, freedom of expression and above all the guts to ‘speak one’s mind’ wherever one happens to be. As a simple human being, DO I SPEAK MY MIND at any place, at anytime? NO, NO, NO. Why? Because I AM A COWARD. Now, would that satisfy you, My Dear Reader? I doubt it. In any case, let us proceed.

    The good police officers, in the story, did what they are supposed to do – muzzle the lady, by their own decision, not to speak her mind that would remotely constitute an insult to a single mortal human being in the entire country, which happens to be immune of any standard of humanity!!! In this case, the so-called institution of JUSTICE of the land is simply invalid – just figure heads as a convenience of existing together with the norms of international institutions. In short, African Judges are simply figure heads or ponies of chess games. And they exist [as opposed to ‘living’] happily ever after! All this is the dictate of ONE mortal human being who controls the ENTIRE population of the country – including the extraordinary intelligent African Intellectuals of the Highest Order. Why? Because that is the operando of Life in OUR Africa: no backbone; no moral fiber; no conviction in any thing but mere survival of our individual selves. It is even worse with the ‘modern’ educated sectors of the country – of the Continent. Admirably, they believed in their acquired superior ‘modern’ education and wrote beautiful dissertations to get a piece of paper [size 13 X 15 inch] called Ph D (Doctor of Philosophy). Definitely, their Philosophy is to be excellent mimickers but silent. In such an atmosphere, miraculously, a daring Lady of guts comes out to the forefront in the spot of occurrence, not thousand of miles away in safe caves: THANK YOU, Dr Stella Nyanzi. Indeed a ‘stella’ of Makerere University, of Uganda and of the Continent of Africa.

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