South Sudan’s Kiir pardons two jailed generals

JUBA – South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir on Friday pardoned two senior government officials and promised to release other political prisoners, as his rule faces surging resistance, warfare and famine.

“I did not come to speak politics. I have come to pardon Gen. Elias Waya and Gen. Andrea Dominic.

“Any other political detainees, I will release them all tomorrow and the day after tomorrow,” Kiir said at a gathering in the capital Juba.

Waya is a former governor of Wau state in the country’s northwest and Dominic was his deputy.

They were arrested in June 2016 and have since been detained at a military facility in Juba.

Officials have never given a reason for their detention.

South Sudan, Africa’s youngest nation, was first plunged into war in December 2013 when a power struggle between

Kiir and his then deputy Riek Machar turned into a military confrontation.

The ensuing two-year conflict was ended by a peace pact in August 2015.

Nearly a year ago Machar returned to Juba and his old post, but lingering animus between the two men, who hail from rival tribes, exploded into fighting between their forces again in Juba in June.

War and lawlessness have since uprooted an estimated three million people and decimated the economy. Failed

harvests in traditional food basket areas have triggered famine in a country rich in oil resources.

On Monday disaffected Lt.-Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka accused Kiir of turning the country’s military into a “tribal army”, launched a new rebel National Salvation Front and vowed to topple him.

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rezen Mar 10, 2017 at 7:14 pm

Subject: South Sudan’s Kiir pardons two jailed generals, Mar 10, 2017

Commentary, 10 mar. 2017

Amazing, the audacity of this man to take the people of South Sudan; the African Union; and the entire African Continent as FOOLS is simply breath taking. But then, it seems that WE AFRICANS have INEXHAUSTIBLE TRUST, PATIENCE, OBEDIENCE, ALLEGIANCE TO DICTATORS WHO FLOG US TO DEATH UNTIL WE WAKE-UP. There is unique mystery here! Even the highly educated African Intellectuals, graduate of ancient Universities of Western CIVILIZED Countries, can’t understand the first alphabet of psychological, political, and sociological make-up of THEIR AFRICA. Good-bye to “modern” education. What would then be applicable to OUR AFRICA???

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