Sudan Provides Humanitarian Aid to South Sudan


President Omar al-Bashir has directed the dispatch of 10,000 tons of sorghum in humanitarian assistance to famine-affected South Sudanese.

The Rapporteur of the High Committee for Humanitarian Aid, Ahmed Mohamed Adam, said 27,000 sacks of sorghum have been delivered before in accordance with the President orders, besides opening routes to facilitate transportation of the international assistance and hosting thousands of refugees fleeing the war there, local newspapers reported Sunday.

Adam said the famine, declared in South Sudan on February 20, is of high concern to the Sudanese government and to the different sectors of the Sudanese people therefore a national humanitarian committee headed by former President Abdul Rahman Swar al-Dahab has been formed to rally humanitarian aid for the famine-affected South Sudanese.

The non-governmental organizations have already started sending relief convoys to South Sudan refugees camps in Sudan.

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