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New report warns Somali PM against appointing ‘NGO cartels’ as ministers

The development comes after Several controversial figures appeared in the upcoming cabinet line-ups which was leaked to the media last week, with rumors continue to spread that some of these individuals deemed ‘corrupt” were poised to become next ministers.

By John Thiongo,

NAIROBI – A new report by Abdirazak Fartaag, who was head of Somalia’s Public Finance Management Unit sent out a strong warning to the new Somali prime minister against appointing people who were implicated in previous corruption cases as ministers.

The development comes after Several controversial figures appeared in a cabinet line-ups which was leaked to the media last week, with rumors continue to spread that some of these individuals deemed ‘corrupt” were poised to become next ministers.

Speaking to Alleastafrica in Nairobi, Mr. Fartaag singled out several individuals who run ‘brief-case’ NGOs and others who served in the previous government.

One of the individuals shortlisted for a ministerial position is Abdullahi Arab, the chairperson of Manhal, a local organization whose organization was accused of mismanaging foreign aid, according to the lengthy report obtained by Alleastafrica on Sunday.

Also on the list is Mohamed Adan Fargetti,  former minister of finance whose ministry was accused by a recent report by the United Nations Monitoring Group of directing revenues around the Treasury Single Account — a centralized account over which the Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Finance has oversight, warning that it has the effect of turning Federal Government of Somalia ministries into rent-seeking institutions capable of being captured by individual members of the Government, thereby fuelling corruption and conflict. Mr. Fargetti is currently seeking reappointment as a minister.

Somalia’s current parliament speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari is reportedly pushing for the nomination of Mr. Fargetti as a minister.

Meanwhile, Somali Mps have signed a petition against Mr. Jawari’s involvement in cabinet nominations.

Deqa Yasin, the manager of a local NGO, IIDA  as well as the former deputy chairman of the Somali electoral committee also appeared on the list. According to Mr. Fartaag, a sum of over $800,000 disappeared in IIDA, which was funded through the common humanitarian funding (CHF) and managed by UNOCHA.  Ms. Yasin was also implicated in parliamentary seats fraud including the nomination of Mahad Awad as a lawmaker.

Mr. Awad is reportedly battling to have her nominated as a minister.

“They funded them in the consortium on constitutional review. They also fund them other gender projects.” He said.

Among those appeared in the list is Abdirahman Duale Beyle, the former minister of foreign affairs. According to the report, during his tenure as the foreign minister, Mr. Beyle was accused of having spearheaded several ineffective diplomatic actions (some even taken without notifying MOFA), something officials said have led to serious diplomatic lapses.

Also, on the list is Hodan Osman, a former senior adviser to the ministry of finance considered as ‘weak’ and ‘unfit’ for a cabinet position by many, according to Mr. Fartaag.

” If this prediction (leaked line-up) is materialized, then H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and his premier Hassan Ali Khaire’s action would show contempt against the wishes of the majority of Somalis,”  He warned in the interview.

“Because of this, there is a general public interest in the disclosure of such individuals who will likely undermine the collective responsibility of the government.  It is widely believed that they will definitely not going to bring any transformation whatsoever to the failed state.” he noted.

In the meantime, Somalia’s new prime minister Hassan Ali Kheyre is expected to unveil his cabinet this week, with rumors milling around that former ministers would make a significant number of his upcoming cabinet ministers line-up.

Somalia has not had a functioning government since the overthrow of the military regime of President Siad Barre by warlords in 1991. The election of the Somali-American president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is seen as a new road map to peace and stability for the horn of Africa nation.

(Additional reporting and editing by Judy Maina in Nairobi, Kenya) 

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