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OPINION: Will Somali PM’s Soma Oil agenda going to be the beginning and the end of Farmajo’s administration?

By Abdirazak Fartaag

Does Britain have a hidden agenda in the upcoming London conference? Are they taking advantage of the lack of institutions in Somalia? 

  1. Britain, being a colonial master, understands that the country has been faced with progressive clan balkanization. Britain also understands that in the Somali institutions, no one expects certain standards of behaviour from others; everyone in the public sector acts on narrow self-interest. The ongoing dilemmas and obstacles to progress in both the public and private sectors are really the result of the behaviour and attitudes of the entire pool of public servants, proxy government employees, the few well-connected entrepreneurs, journalists, civil society, and the traditional leaders. They seem to understand that they are dealing with, or for that matter,managing an entire new elite incapable of questioning anything.They also understand that Somali leaders are hardly concerned with economic policy implementation or enforcing governance benchmarks and constitutionalism.
  1. Painful as it is, corrupt British leaders also understand that Somalia’s public servants, in particular, the so-called regional presidents – Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo), Abdiweli Mohamed Ali (Gas), Ali Abdullahi Osoble (Ali Amore), Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden (Sakin), and Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) –  have little affinity for the type of clan pluralistic democratic practices and respect for fundamental human rights expected of them. But it is not without basis to say that this is occurring subtly while pandering to Western countries, in particular, Britain and its lobby to gain power and prestige. That leaves us Somali people stuck with utterly corrupt Western leaders – Rt Hon. The Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC – who remain imprisoned by intellectual constructs that depict us Somalis as helpless victims for British elites and its organizations to rescue.  It is striking that such a high achiever, Lord Howard,who often talks so loudly of the benefits of a strong foundation of democracy and liberty, has acted, in the case of Soma Oil & Gas, in a manner counter to his self-proclaimed title as one of the leading democratic persons.
For years, Somalia's oil exploration issue has been a thorny issue.
For years, Somalia’s oil exploration issue has been a thorny one.

Who is in charge in Somalia?Lord Howard or the Somali Parliament?

  1. Having intact, well-run, informal clan institutions is nevertheless where the confusion begins, and it is clear that currently the contemporary system is in the hands of the clan system and is governed by that mindset. The government organization is a purely superficial set-up; it continues in the same vein as many other things in Somalia, which is “keeping up appearances”.Because of this confusion of the two systems, it is important that the clan representatives, the parliamentarians,dictate the terms in regards to the upcoming conference and its agenda (security, humanitarian development and political process, including Soma Oil& Gas) not Rt The Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC, former Prime Minister David Cameron, incumbent Prime Minister Theresa Mayand their Somali cronies, former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the incumbent premier Hassan Ali Khaire. Actions on these utterly corrupt Somali and Britishleaders’ hidden agenda will lead to the perpetual suspicion of the London conference.
  1. The blaming of Britain’s condescending behaviour rages on. But while it does, these historical missteps are not the sole causes of Somalia’s problems today. They cannot be reduced to a simple construct that merits blame. Western corrupt leaders and their organizations cannot be made responsible for the failure of the Somali system of governance to transform itself into a proper functioning system.  What piffle this is.  Meanwhile, public servants at every level have been taking the convenient and most expedient way out of a difficult time for the country. British leaders are deliberately thriving from such ugly and insulting double standard policies behind the scene.
  1. It boggles the mind that the so-called populist leader, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo), supposedly concerned about shared values, goals, and responsibilities, can be so indifferent to the point where he strays from purer, defensive motives he claims to have had when he took over the government a month ago. This is an especially gripping drama when such populist leader continuously tries to signal his eagerness to collaborate with questionable double-standard foreign policies – the London Conference –which advances a few powerful corrupt British elites’ hidden principles and who often do not move away from on-size-fits-all prescriptions. The British elites’ actions always diminish any hope of probity, good work and involvement in the construction of independent Somalia.
On 11 May 2017, the UK will host a major international conference in London, to accelerate progress on security sector reform.
On 11 May 2017, the UK will host a major international conference in London, to accelerate progress on security sector reform.


  1. In a nutshell, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (aka Farmaajo) together with Somali Parliamentarians should bring on board the below suggested honorable Somali individuals to take part in the upcoming conference in London so they can participate in the process. Somalia, the only failed state in the world, has never received guidance from their own home-grown leaders and experts, although it is in dire need of such an intervention. Input from these Somali high caliber individuals would be much more effective than the blatant corrupt Lord Howard and his Somali cronies who will eventually prove ineffective.In the event that the British government fails to invite the below mentioned Somali high caliber individuals to the upcoming conference, then I urge the Somali parliament (if any dignity is left in it)to boycott such events. The Somali parliamentarians should send a clear signal to the international community, in particular, the British government, that “Somalia is not for sale”.


Delegate Ali Mahdi Muhammad

Former President of Somalia

Abgaal Mogadishu


Delegate Abdiqasim Salad Hassan

Former President of Somalia

Habargedir Cairo London
Delegate Sharif Sheikh Ahmed

Former President of Somalia

Abgaal Abu Dhabi/Mogadishu London


Alternate Ali Khalif Galeydh

Former Prime Minister of Somalia

Dhulbahante Lascanod London
Alternate Hassan Abshir Farah Majertein Mogadishu London
Alternate Nur Hassan Hussein (Adde) Abgaal London London
Alternate Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Marehan Cairo/Nairobi London
Alternate Mohamed Abdi Yusuf

Former Prime Minister

Ortoble Mogadishu London
Alternate Salim Aliyow Ibrow

Former Acting Prime Minister

Jiido Mogadishu/Sydney London
Alternate Amb. Abdullahi Sheikh Ismael

Former Ambassador to Tunisia and former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister

Biimaal Mogadishu London


Adviser Abdiaziz Mohamud Mohamed

Reform Alliance for Justice and Openness ( RAJO )

Majertein Bosasso/ Mogadishu London
Adviser Ahmed Ma’alin Fiqi

Daljir Party

Habargedir Mogadishu/Adaado London
Adviser Abdi Ismael Samantar

Hiil Qaran Party

Gadubursi Pretoria/Mogadishu London
Adviser Mohamed Nur Tarzan

Justice & Community Party

Ojeejeen Mogadishu London
Adviser Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame

Wadajir Party

Habargedir Mogadishu London
Adviser Abdirahman Baadiyow

National Unity Party

Abgaal Mogadishu London


Adviser Abdullahi Ahmed Addou

Former Ambassador to US and Former Minister of Finance

Habargedir Virginia/Mogadishu London
Adviser Mohamed Yusuf Weyrah

Former Minister of Finance

Majertein Qardho London
Adviser Abdullahi Osoble Siad

Former Minister of Telecom

Hawadle London London
Adviser Abdullahi Warsame

Former Minister of Revenue

Abgaal Columbus London
Adviser Abdulkadir Aden Mohamed (Jingeli)

Former Chairman of Development Bank

Marehan Seattle London
Adviser Yusur Abrar

Former Governor of Central Bank

Gadubursi Columbus London


Adviser Mona Al-Sharmani

Senior Associate at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

Somali Arab New York London
Adviser Ismail Mahmud Hurre (Buubaa)

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Issak Hargeisa London
Adviser Amb. Fadumo Issak Bihi

Former Ambassador to Switzerland

Marehan Columbus London
Adviser Amb. Said Mohamed Haji (Dhere)

Former Ambassador to France

Dhulbahante Mogadishu London
Adviser Amb. Mohamed Haji Nur

Former Ambassador to United States of America

Dhulbahante Virginia London
Adviser Shamso Mohamed Haji (Dhere)

Former Ambassador to Arab League

Dhulbahante Mogadishu London
Adviser Amb. Mohamud Mohamed Tifow

Ambassador to Germany

Abgaal Berlin/Mogadishu London
Adviser Amb. Isse Dhere

Former Ambassador to Iraq

Abgaal Mogadishu London
Adviser Hussein Ali Duale (Awil)

Former Ambassador to Kenya

Issak Hargeisa London
Adviser Mohammed Ahmed Awil

Former ambassador to China

Sure Nairobi/Mogadishu London



Adviser Gen. Muse Hassan Sheikh Abdulle

Former General

Ogaden Mogadishu London
Adviser Gen. Mohamed Salah

Former General

Murursade Virginia/Mogadishu London
Adviser Mohamed Ali Sharman

Former General

Somali Arab Arizona London
Adviser Mohamed Adan Bihi

Former General

Marehan Ottawa/Mogadishu London


Adviser Prof. Mohamed Haji Mukhtar Leysaan Savannah London
Adviser Prof. Mohamed Kasim Munye Reer Barava Toronto London
Adviser Mohamud Ali Geldon Warsangeli Wisconsin London
Adviser Prof. Afyare Abdi Elmi Hawadle Qatar London
Adviser Hamdi Mohamed, PhD Marehan Ottawa/Mogadishu London
Adviser Prof. Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed Hawadle Columbus London
Adviser Abdinur Sheikh Abdisalam O’Mohamud Marehan Toronto London
Adviser Eng. Faisal Roble Geri Kombe Los Angeles London
Adviser Liban Muse Boqor (Son of the late King of Haji Muse) Majertein Toronto/Dubai London
Adviser Mohamed Ali Geldon Warsangeli Minneapolis London
Adviser Abukar Arman Somali Arab Columbus London
Adviser Omer Addou Habargedir Stockholm/Mogadishu London
Adviser Abdihalim Abdirahman Dhulbahante Connecticut London


Adviser Asha Gelle Dirie

Former Chairperson of the Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission

Majertein Garowe London
Adviser Rakiya Omaar

Director of the Human Rights Organization Africa Watch

Issak Hargeisa London
Adviser Faduma Omar Hashi

Former Chairwomen Somali Women’s Organization and former Somali Parliament Member

Others Virginia London
Adviser Raqia Haji Du’ale

Former Deputy Minister of Health

Issak Virginia London
Adviser Dr. Hawa Abdi Dhiblawe

Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (DHAF)

Xaskul Hawiye Mogadishu London


Adviser Hawo Aden Mohamed

Kalkacyo Education Center for Peace and Development

Majertein Kalkacyo London
Adviser Fatima Jibrell

Executive Director of the Horn of Africa Relief and Development

Warsangeli Baran London
Adviser Halima Jama Afrah

Member of IFCC

Marehan Mogadishu London
Adviser Fartun Abdisalam Haji Adan

Elman Peace and Human Rights Center

Habargedir Mogadishu London


Abdirazak Fartaag, is the Chief Executive Officer at Fartaag Research & Consulting, based in Nairobi, Kenya. He can be reached at:

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Alleastafrica, its affiliates, or its employees.

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