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Rebeca Garang seeks regional intervention to stop war in S. Sudan

Rebecca Nyandeng, widow of late John Garang de Mabior, founding Leader of South Sudan’s governing Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) is seeking a regional and global intervention to end the conflict in South Sudan.

Rebeca said she was together with the country’s former political detainees are in the region to speak to some leaders to talk to South Sudanese president to stop the war and return the country to peace.

“I came with some SPLM leaders to talk to Ugandan president about war and the humanitarian situation in South Sudan. You know that the ongoing war in the country is forcing people to flee the country every day, and one of the countries to which they run is Uganda. Now Uganda is affected by this situation. People are moving in big numbers into Uganda with nothing in their hands and as the mother. They need shelter, food and health services. Their situation is appalling and this is why, as the mother, I decided to come to talk to president Museveni so that he can talk to President Salva Kiir so that this war stops so that peace can return to the country and for people to return”, Rebeca told Sudan Tribune when reached on Thursday.

She called for the cessation of war and polarisation along with confronting challenges facing the Country.

Rebecca further added that national dialogue should be inclusive to realise freedom, sets control over security organs and meets requirements of the 2015 peace agreement between the government with the armed and non-armed opposition, disclosing that it would achieve just and comprehensive peace and a national government that excluded nobody.

She said South Sudanese people and the international communities are following closely the objective of the national declared by president Kiir and hope that the government would adopt moderate stances over controversial issues, stoppage of war and polarisation.

Meanwhile, the Ugandan president said he met several South Sudan leaders led by Rebecca at State House, Entebbe on Wednesday.

“Our discussion focused on how to unite the different political groups in South Sudan,” Museveni said in a statement but did not elaborate further.

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1 comment

rezen Apr 9, 2017 at 4:27 am

Subject: “Rebeca Garang seeks regional intervention to stop war in S. Sudan”, Apr 7, 2017

Commentary 8 April 2017
First and foremost, greetings to Madame Rebeca Garang. When I read the name “Garang” my mind was tuned to the long vanished time. Ahhhh ……. So much struggle, so much sacrifice, so much disintegration of societies, families and societal norms. My heart goes for the ordinary, good hearted, people of South Sudan. They were not looking for special gift of Life but the normal Life that any human creature would aspire to and desire: food, health, peace and secured atmosphere to do the best of their individual capabilities and dreams, similar to other human beings in our common Globe. Instead, after horrendous sacrifice, the people of South Sudan are cheated by their own brethren – flesh and blood – way above the cruelty of the so-called ‘enemy’ forces! I honestly do not have appropriate expression for the cruelty that African leaders imposed upon their people. To list each one of them is not a consolation to South Sudan people—for that matter to the entire cheated people of Africa.

1. Factual Situation
a) The 54-year old Organization of African Unity turned into African Union is hopeless. Its silence is tantamount to becoming the clones of the African dictators. They are in the corridors of the glittering UN Building. They could have done historical, dignified, peaceful and proud example for Africa but they chose not to rock their personal boat of good Life. Hence, they LIVE ‘happily ever after’ – the “hell’ with the unfortunate people ‘back home’.
b) The African Intellectuals are even worse. Taking ONE Intellectual from each so-called Independent and Free country, 54 Intellectuals (out of appx. 30, 000 Ph D Degree Holders) cannot get together and save Africa. What are they waiting for? Perhaps, for individual opportunity to profit and self-happiness. How about the people back Home? May the Almighty (way above) help them.
c) The ordinary people of Africa, after endless cheating by their own kin and kith, are in no mood or trust to get together and sacrifice their Lives. There is an African proverb about a fool being cheated twice.

2. Where do we go from here?
a) Regional Help: Forget it! They have their own respective problem.
b) The UN: What has the UN ever done for Africa worth mentioning for socioeconomic, educational and political development of the African people? Nothing!!! We are talking about FUNDAMENTAL help where Africa would truly be independent, self supporting and stand on its own, with dignity. No effort has been shown from any direction on that goal. Instead, Africa became the depository, the basket for Christmas gifts and alms. Africa is becoming professional international beggar. The proof is in our daily TV broadcast around the Globe. And what is the image of Africa around the Globe? I have no heart to answer my own question but invite you to read the footnote [1]<<< excuse me for the length]
c) So, where do we go from here? It is my firm belief (perhaps innocently) that the only way left is to take the road leading to OURSELVES. To quote the immortal four words of US Representative at the UN in response to opposing Representative’s remark : “HELL WILL FREEZE BEFORE …. “ the world truly comes to SAVE Africa. Africa CAN ONLY – and should only – SAVE ITSELF, by ITSELF. Less than that is simply a slow death for Africa, like that emaciated ‘thing’ in the cartoon. And it is already visible – unless we refuse to see it.

3. Conclusion
a) Give 1b) above one last chance, IN A MODIFIED FORM. This time the chance must be given to YOUNG AFRICANS and let the old timers rest where they belong – perhaps under the table of the cartoon. They had their chance; and they blew it with a devastating consequence. If there were tribunal courts they would have been appropriate candidates to be taken for judgment.
In the above new direction, YOUNG AFRICANS who have the basic academic education to the highest level would take over. With a good knowledge of the PAST; with enthusiasm of young age; with new relationship with the world; and with up-to-date knowledge about organizational matters, they can make HISTORY. It would be NEW AFRICA, unhinged from the past ugly (and possibly criminal) experience. That is the ONLY way the ‘Dark Continent’ [ a name given to us ] will ever shine through the darkness. TRY IT, it doesn’t hurt and we have nothing to lose.
b) I cannot close my long-winded commentary without really thanking Mrs. Rebeca Garang for her Article. I wish her good luck in her effort to address the problem of South Sudan. I have no doubt she would also participate in the overall ‘cleaning’ of our African House, if and when we are ready to come to our senses.
c) Finally, as always, I wish to THANK for providing a free space for us to exchange our ideas, to SAVE AFRICA. I hope Readers take the free platform to express their critique, preferably on AFRICA. THE END

Footnote: [1] There was a famous international cartoon, which received recognition equivalent to Nobel Price for his insightful cartoon. The cartoon portrays a healthy person hiding under his dinning table and eating his spaghetti dinner. At the same time he was struggling to avoid seeing [actually peeping] the Evening News on TV, sighting a hungry, emaciated figure who barely looks like an ordinary human being, begging for crumbs. Yes, the hungry emaciated figure was AN AFRICAN.
Honestly, WE AFRICANS, should be ashamed to reach down to such a level. And as the popular cowboy song goes, we Africans, who enjoy the luxury of being immigrants to wealthy countries should “BEND DOWN [OUR] HEADS AND CRY!.” But one DAY we have to stop blaming past history (legitimate as it is) and straighten-up, roll our sleeves, dry our eyes, and go to work to save AFRICA. Either that or hang down our heads and cry for eternity while AFRICA is being lost from our grips. It is our choice.

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