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Ethiopia: Addis names train after Leipzig City

The Addis Ababa City Administration name yesterday one of the light trains after Leipzig, one of the oldest city of the German, which is on twining programme with Addis.

On the occasion, Mayor Driba Kuma said the strong relations between Addis Ababa and Leipzig cities was established in 2004 aimed at sharing experience and advancing their growth.

Mayor Diriba said that though the two sisterly countries located in different part of the world, the cities’ municipal to municipal and people to people relations are growing from time to time.

As part of this efforts, cities’ higher officials visit exchange between the two sides have been conducted to lesson draw one another. The mayor further said that Addis Ababa is currently witnessing rapid growth in various spheres. Hence, he said the relations with Leipzig would help enhance the multifaceted progress.

In addition, as Addis is the capital of Africa and seat of regional and international organizations, bolstering its ties with Leipzig would increase the recognition at international level.

Diriba said his administration is keen to cement the relations and this is very reason to name one of the light rail after Leipzig.

Leipzig City Mayor Burkhard Jung on his part said that the strong bond between the two cities is instrumental in consolidating the relations between Ethiopia and Germany.

He said as Addis Ababa city became more vibrant from time to time, the two sides would gain mutual benefits.

According to Jung, Leipzig is one of the oldest city in Europe and heart of science and arts innovation, therefore, Addis has many to share with Leipzig.

He also added that the naming of one of the city rail after Leipzig would boost people to people relations.

The Ethiopian Railway Corporation Chief Executive Officer Dr. Eng. Getachew Betru on his part said that the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transport has improved the city’s transport system.

As the light railway is carbon free mode of transportation, it is attesting country’s commitment to build climate resilient green economy. He further said that the expansion of electric powered transport system in the country is ensuring clean development.

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