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UNICEF gets access to Sudan’s armed conflict areas

KHARTOUM, — Sudan government has granted the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) a permit to access Sudan’s armed conflict areas, according to a report of United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on Saturday.

“The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been granted access to a few hard-to-reach areas such as Kurmuk (Blue Nile State), Golo (Central Darfur State) and Belle El Serief (South Darfur State), the latter had not been accessible for over five years,” said the report.

According to OCHA, UNICEF has begun working with government authorities, state officials and partners to bring long overdue assistance, including child protection, education, health, nutrition, water and sanitation services to the vulnerable communities in the newly reached areas.

UN and international organizations have been complaining from restrictions preventing their access to the people affected by armed clashes at Sudan’s conflict areas.

Sudan government attributes restriction of movement of UN and international organizations at tensed areas to security reasons.

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rezen Apr 23, 2017 at 6:16 am

Subject: UNICEF gets access to Sudan’s armed conflict areas, Apr 22, 2017

Commentary, 22 April 2017
Let us repeat the title: “UNICEF gets access to Sudan’s armed conflict areas”

The natural questions can be: WHY? WHAT FOR? We might as well enjoy the FREEDOM to ask further: Do we really believe that international humanitarian organizations can solve the problems of AFRICAN PEOPLE? In fact, have they ever done so? And to stretch the question to its limit: has it ever been, in fact, the FOUNDATION of these humanitarian organizations to LIBERATE the African PEOPLE from their miseries? Who, in the first pace, really fomented the upheaval that we see TODAY in Africa?

The time is way over due for the so-called AFRICAN INTELLECTUALS to come-up to the ‘Baseball plate’ and see what they can do with the ‘bat’ they have in their hands. Time has already proved that their effort will be, (once again, in Baseball terminology) “three strikes and you are out”
One hundred years of the so-called MODERN education in Africa didn’t amount to any difference than the ‘baseball strike out game’! Though the AFRICAN INTELLECTUALS are Graduates, with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (PhD), from the very best of Western Universities of the Highest Learning, they are not able to get together and SAVE THEIR AFRICA! This is a fact. They simply can’t! It is safe to attribute it to a “mystery” because pronouncing THE TRUTH openly and glaringly would hurt, deeply! We leave it at that.

AFRICA IS AN UNLUCKY CONTINENT – unlucky, because it is a very attractive rich landmass to hungry Marauders for the invaluable natural resources and a space for their ever growing population . For that devilish aspiration, African People must be sacrificed to slow death – with a gimmick of humanitarian help of throwing “pieces of breads” to go through the agony of the slow death.

Dear Reader: Please look at the photo of the African Child, accompanying the News item. Please ask yourself and get the answer to yourself: “what will be THE PROBABILITY of that child growing up healthy, strong, and educated to become effective contributor (call it SAVIOUR) to/of the well being of Africa? THE END.

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