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UNHCR says One million children fled South Sudan Violence

By Jeff Mwaura –

Juba , S. Sudan –The fighting in south Sudan has displaced more than one million children according to the UN’s agencies for refugees (UNHCR) latest figures.

UNHCR and UNICEF have also said, of the 1.8 million refugees who arrived in neighbouring countries since fighting began, 62 percent are children.

South Sudan’s neighboring like countries like Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo have received more than 75,000 refugee children at refugee registration centres  without their a families.

These children are reported to be in a state of trauma, physical upheaval, fear and stress experience of what is happening back home.

It’s reported that many children in have been forced to be become Child soldiers, by armed forces. They are also facing increasing sexual abuse and exploitation.

According to the statement, more than 1,000 children have been killed or injured since fresh conflict erupted in 2013, while an estimated 1.14 million children have been internally displaced.

“No refugee crisis today worries me more than South Sudan,” said Valentin Tapsoba, UNHCR’s Africa Bureau Director.

“Refugee children are becoming the defining face of this emergency is incredibly troubling.”

For children still living in South Sudan, the situation is grim.

Nearly three quarters of children are out of school, according to the UN statement, which is the highest out-of-school population in the world.

UNHCR is providing shelter to over half a million South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda and is urgently preparing new settlements to shelter 30,000 new arrivals.

UNICEF is  appealing to the international community to respond to  South Sudan crisis and  support  its US$181 million budget which is currently only 52 per cent funded to address the acute needs of refugees until the end of the year .

UNHCR is also appealing for funding of  US$ 781.8 million which  is only 11 per cent funded.

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1 comment

rezen May 9, 2017 at 4:59 am

Subject: UNHCR says One million children fled South Sudan Violence, by Jeff Mwaura , May 8, 2017

Commentary,8 April 2017
First, appreciation goes to the author for succinct reporting but with full coverage of the subject matter on the suffering of millions of African Children – supposedly, the custodian of future Africa. As usual, I tried to take ‘the main points’ for my draft commentary but wound-up practically writing every word I read in the Article!!! It means there are no superfluous words in the Reportage.

With that introduction, let me only say this: If African children of that magnitude are displaced (and I have no doubt about it) “in a state of trauma, physical upheaval, fear and stress experience of what is happening back home.”, then the question gnawing at us is this: WHAT WOULD THEN BE THE FUTURE OF AFRICA FOR AFRICANS?” In my gloomy opinion, the answer is a simple: “NOTHING”, which means dear old Africa would belong to ‘modern and slick’ colonialism. And no international ‘pseudo good doers’ would be able to save Africa for Africans – not a single one of them.

At the risk of being cruel, I say that the multitude of international organizations infesting the Globe did not/do not help Africa but made Africa a permanent Continent of BEGGARS waiting for handouts and ‘crumbs of breads’. In the true sense of the word “HELP”, Africa NEVER benefited from the service of the glorious bureaucratic international organizations. At one time, I read that “80 percent” of International organizations budgets goes to: a) the salaries & benefits of the highly paid international employees; b) for administrative expenses; and c) for generous enviable retirement entitlements. The rest (20 percent i.e. generous estimate) goes to the poor recipients – which, of course, mean mainly Africans. No wonder the international organizations have mushroomed to “51 organizations” with 44,000 people”(Google) assured of permanent employment.

Africa must STOP being perpetual beggar; Africa must depend on itself; Africa must have self-pride, self-confidence. And lastly, African Intellectuals. of the highest academic calibre, from modern education institutions around the Globe, must take it upon themselves to get together and SAVE their PEOPLE. Let me repeat the following question for the umpteen times: why is it not possible for just fifty-four (54) Intellectuals out of about thirty-thousand (30,000) Africans of Ph D holders to get together and form an independent group to come-up with a blueprint for the development of Africa? We know that the fifty-four representatives of African Dictators at the UN have chosen to be obedient Enablers to their Dictator Masters. It is their free choice.
On the other scale, what reason could we have for free Intellectuals, outside the Continent of Africa, not to get together and hatch a plan for the resurrection of their beloved Africa?

Let us be blunt for our own survival: i.e. failure to come to the rescue of our own RACE in the crucial hour of survival definitely proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that ‘modern’ education system introduced in Africa was never meant to develop analytical mind of the African Child. The African Child was only introduced to ‘modern’ education to mimic and to be hypnotized by alien culture, breading the African Child with the development of insidious inferiority complex, leading to undermining the African Race. It is called The Art of Colonialism. Once more, let us be blunt: unless Africa has self-pride to be itself and depend on itself, the AFRICAN RACE has no future but to be subservient of modern colonialism in a new sophisticated fashion.
One may huff and puff, ad nausea – it would not change an iota. THE END

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