Uganda, UN Solidarity Summit on Refugees aim to secure $2 billion


By Nangayi Guyson

Kampala,Uganda –The refugee situation in Uganda is becoming critical and it needs urgent response, so Uganda together with the UN’s refugee Agency  are hosting the Solidarity Summit on Refugees, with the aim of securing $2 billion funds per year for the next four years to manage the warfare of the refugees.

Uganda is to host a solidarity summit on refugees with a main goal of strengthening refugee support and  protection.

This summit will take place between  22nd and 23rd June in Kampala and is a follow-up to the one in New York that took place in September 2016.

Uganda which is praised worldwide for it’s welcoming polices toward refugees is hosting more than 1.2 million refugees and asylum seekers, with about 920,000 of them from South Sudan,  making it one of the world’s largest hosting countries .

Uganda’s prime minister, Ruhakana Rugunda, said . “ the situation is critical and really need international assistance so that we can have the ability to cater for the full water, sanitation, health and educational needs of the refugees and their host communities,” said Rugunda.

Uganda with its struggling economy, has been receiving an average of about 2,000 refugees per day for the last six months.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said this year that it needed about $7 million monthly to provide a full ration to all the refugees until the end of the year and also $ 20 million to restore the whole food supply this year in Ugandan camps.

The World Food Programme puts the monthly food requirement for the refugees to at least $12m (Shs42b).

The UN agency for refugees in Kampala, in a recent statement, indicated that last year they received only 40 percent of the $251m (Shs889b) requested for humanitarian assistance and this year they will need about $558m (Shs2t).

The ‘refugee solidarity’ conference was discussed  during the meeting between President Museveni and the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres, at the sidelines of 28th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This  high level solidarity conference that is expected to attract  500 dignitaries from key international organizations in an attempt to drum up support and mobilize resources for thousands of refugees the country is hosting.

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    Commentary, 12 May 2017
    These are only three examples. There are fifty-one more on the same scale – plus or minus. What does it ALL mean? Will we dare to call Africa by its true nomenclature? No, we wouldn’t dare. We don’t have the strength to face the TRUTH. And so, Africa will keep on existing:
    i) as a source of wealth for individual heartless monetary benefits [indigenous and otherwise], By the way, don’t expect the “$2 billion funds per year for the next four years” to be used for ordinary, down to earth Africans like Margaret Nduta and her beautiful baby (1) ;
    ii) for smart aleck, humanitarian organizations as a reliable source of employment;
    iii) for ambitious new foreign economic giant on the road to exploitation of Africa; and
    iv) in general, for Africa being a chess game for international consortium.
    That is how AFRICANS are judged. The WORLD is not interested in the African People, but ONLY in the natural resources of rich Africa. We can go into the usual display of emotional tantrum. It will NOT have an iota of change, but only to dissipate our energy to exhaustion.

    The smart-aleck African Leaders knew the reality of Africa; hence their open concentration on their own aggrandizement is a reflection of that reality. The African Intellectuals also knew that the ‘African Boat’ was never dependable; hence their analytical mind is to abandon Africa without appearing to be abandoning their mother Africa! The REST are just poor people who are happy to get crumbs of food for they daily existence, crossing from one poor area to another poor area and eventually, at last free, to enter their graves. And those young Africans who have the stamina to take risks and roam around the Globe will keep on exhausting themselves , taking any risk, for whatever they can secure from day to day. Some will make it, others will keep on roaming around with dizzy minds, existing from day to day.

    I just finished reading a book, beautifully written by a young African who left his country for a promising future, but succumbed to mental illness ; killed his close foreign friend; wound-up in mental asylum; still going through the long process of recovery during a period of 31 years!!! Along the way, unbelievable as it may seem, he wrote three books!!! He is still in that mental institution (complex process). Needless to say, this is NOT to suggest [I repeat, this is NOT to suggest ] that every African who comes out of his country will have mental problem! Oh! Lord! But in general, what we Africans are facing is way beyond ‘normal’ conditions that other human beings from other lands take for granted. Proportionately, Africans face more ‘challenges’ ( a diplomatic word for ‘discrimination’) than any other immigrant people around the Globe. This is a fact. Hence, it should have been a catalyst; a cause; a reason; a stamina for us to come together for the betterment of AFRICA in its totality. WHY WE ARE THE WAY WE ARE IS A MYSTERY TO ME but I shall NEVER accept the biological argument of outright RACISTS (scholars and otherwise) THE END.

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