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UK commends Ethiopia’s enormous sacrifices to Somalia peace

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn held talks in London Thursday with his United Kingdom counterpart, Theresa May on ways of supporting Somali government in its fight against Al-Shabaab.

While conferring at the sidelines of the International Conference on Somalia, UK’s Prime Minister May appreciated the sacrifice AMSIOM force contributing countries have been paying to restore peace and stability in Somalia.

May noted that due to the remarkable achievements and enormous sacrifices Ethiopian, Kenyan, Ugandan, Burundian and Djiboutian forces paid in Somalia, the country’s peace has shown a progress during the past five years.

The premier affirmed her government’s support for efforts to enable Somalia a peaceful, stable and prosperous nation.

Hailemariam briefed May on efforts Ethiopia has made under the umbrella of African Union Mission in Somalia / AMISOM/ that bored fruits to restore peace and stability in the country after two decades of chaos.

The premier said AMISIOM forces weaken Al-Shabaab and forced it to leave from its strongholds in Somalia.

He added that the regional forces waged successful campaigns that significantly reduced the support and revenue Al-Shabaab obtained from various sources.

‘’Despite our success to weaken Al-Shabaab and its ability to command forces, the group still has the capacity to pose the challenge on Somali government and beyond,’’ Hailemariam told the UK premier.

He stressed AMISOM and Somali National Army should wage a coordinated attack against Al-Shabaab to reverse the threat.

Stating the need to strengthen Somali National Army to take over the responsibility from AMISOM, the premier called on the international community including the UK to extend the necessary political, financial and logistical supports.

Appreciating the decision made to lift Somalia’s army embargo up partially, Hailemariam expressed his belief that the decision would help the country to strengthen capacity to fight Al -Shabaab.

Drought induced Cholera epidemic in Somalia posed a serious health threat in the region, he said and called on the international community to intervene urgently.

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