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Tanzania: Govt Says No to Prado, Prefers Vx

THE State prefers Toyota Land Cruiser VX to Prado due to safety, cost of maintenance, durability and its prototypical ability to hit the road, the Minister for Works, Transport and Communications Prof Makame Mbarawa stated yesterday.

Prof Mbarawa noted that before deciding to purchase anything, the government has a lot of factors to consider other than the price. He was responding to Mr Victor Mwambalaswa (Lupa-CCM) who questioned why the government was going for Toyota Land Cruiser VX which costs over 200m/- instead of Prado which can be imported only at 120m/-.

Mr Mwambalaswa claimed that the government was likely to save a lot of money should it dump the Land Cruiser VX and go for Prado which is cheaper and has proved to be more economical.

The MP went further noting that the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar for a long time has opted for Prado that has enabled it save cost, advising Tanzania Mainland to borrow a leaf from Zanzibar.

Minister Mbarawa responded that basing on Zanzibar geographical location, Prado remains useful, but the same vehicle was likely to prove failure in the mainland where sometimes leaders have to travel as far as between 500 and 1,000 kilometres per day.

Meanwhile, the Ministry for Finance and Planning is in the process of preparing government asset management policy to put in place the best ways of handling pubic assets.

The policy, among other things, according to the Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Mr Edwin Ngonyani, will help to provide guidelines on assets’ purchasing, maintenance and disposal.

He was reacting to Lupa’s Mwambalaswa who pressed the government to come up with the best policy that would help public offices properly manage their assets including vehicles.

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