Tanzania: Govt saves 54bn/- in anti-corruption drive


Such an amount is bigger compared to that saved during the 2015/2016 financial year, which amounted to 7bn/- only, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said.

The Premier divulged this in Dodoma, yesterday, when addressing Members of Parliament (MPs) who are members of the African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (Apnac).

PM Majaliwa said anti corruption measures instituted by the government through PCCB have begun yielding good results.

He said the feedback shows discipline among civil servants is now being instilled and that corruption practices are now on the decrease.

He said measures taken include building capacity and strengthening PCCB, strictness in the use of electronic payment systems that help to seal loopholes of loss of government revenue and introduction of corruption tribunal.

Other measures include supervising discipline in the public service, taking immediate disciplinary and legal measures against public servants and individuals suspected to have involved themselves in corruption practices.

“I sincerely call upon you, MPs, to support the government in this war because we are serious with this matter. Let’s go out there and sensitise the public so that they support us,” the PM insisted.

He added: “We have noticed loopholes of corruption in the provision of services in the sectors of land, transportation, trade and water. We will seal all of the loopholes.

” According to him, the government will continue strengthening PCCB, insisting that more efforts will be directed towards prevention since it is cure. Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service) Angela Kairuki said plans were underway to write a special curriculum to introduce a subject on corruption in schools.

“I would like to assure MPs that this government will not let corruption deepen its roots in our society. We believe that if we sensitise pupils and students in schools, we are going to have a nation of good people,” she said.

She added that the fight against ghost workers yielded good results as the government until April, this year, collected 1.2 billion/- from PCCB account opened at the treasury.

The representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Mr Godfrey Mulisa said they will continue supporting Bunge projects, including activities undertaken by Apnac.

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  1. Subject: “Tanzania: Govt saves 54bn/- in anti-corruption drive”, Jun 10, 2017

    Commentary, 10 June 2017
    “54bn/- ” is equivalent to (I think) 146 million US Dollar.

    Dear Readers,
    Facing the Reality of the AFRICAN Population in general, imagine (or calculate) how many African Souls would be saved from starvation because of lack of the most basic human need for JUST TO SURVIVE .

    And yet, African Dictators are amassing wealth abroad at the expense of their own people. Like wise, the MODERN WESTERN EDUCATED ELITES, WITH DOCTOR of PHILOSOPHY DEGREES , are only interested to appear in the limelight of international circus for their own glory.

    AFRICA IS THE MOST UNLUCKY CONTINENT in the Universe. I do NOT say ‘we deserve it’ but I have no doubt, the “chunk” of our owes rest upon our own shoulders. THE END

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