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Rebellion, worry in Nyanza over Raila’s six-piece voting plan

Migori residents booed leaders under the Nyanza region NASA presidential campaign team when they tried to preach the six piece voting pattern to them.

The pattern will see supporters vote for ODM candidates for the positions of president, governor, senator, women representative, MP and MCA.

The team, led by Homa Bay women representative Gladys Wanga and Nominated MP Oburu Oginga, met a rebellious crowd on Sunday.

Oginga is NASA presidential candidate and ODM leader and NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga’s brother.

The meeting at Dede in Awendo town was cut short several times as the crowd booed the two and other speakers who drummed up support for the popular ODM.

Wanga and Oburu were forced to plead with members of the public to allow them to give their messages, insisting they were only sent by the party.

“Sometimes you don’t want ODM candidates…a preacher in Pentecost and SDA preach the same sermon. Nominations happened…those who went independent…we have no problem with them,” Wanga said.

Oburu acknowledged the nominations caused anger among voters but noted this should not be taken to the ballot as all politicians in the county “are from the same house and we need to calm down to strengthen the party”.

The two said ODM does not have a grudge against any independent candidates and that voters have the right to choose whoever they refer.

They slammed Jubilee over the food shortage saying it is a failed government.

Wanga said President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration should give Kenyans explanations as billions of shillings were pumped into the Galana irrigation scheme.

Oburu said the shortage resulted from the government’s sale of three strategic reserves to South Sudan.

“You depleted all the strategic reserves and failed to replenish six million bags,” he said.

Uhuru and Agriculture ministry officials have insisted the shortage is not artificial and have taken measures including more imports and subsidising flour.

The two were hosted by Awendo ODM MP candidate Walter Owino who urged residents to vote for Raila.

Others who attended the function included ODM candidates Pamela Odhiambo (Migori woman MP) Eve Obara (Kabondo Kasipul MP) and Ben Oluoch (Migori senator).


In Siaya, independent candidates are a worried lot due to the call for the six-piece voting pattern by Raila and other ODM leaders.

Raila has more than once asked residents not to vote for independents to strengthen the party in his backyard.

His call has caused fear among the politicians, forcing some to declare support for him.

But on Sunday, two parliamentary hopefuls asked the electorate to vote based on development,.

Independent candidate Charles Odunga (Alego Usonga) and Liberal Democratic Party’s Denis Kodhe (Gem) cautioned the people against voting based on political affiliation.

Odunga, who spoke at a funeral in Gombe village, noted it is high time Luo-Nyanza elects development-conscious leaders and shunned sycophancy.

The aspirant also asked Raila, who is ODM leader, to allow voters the freedom to choose their leaders.

“I call on Nyanza residents to make conscious decisions in the August 8 election and elect responsible leaders.”

The politician warned that the six-piece pattern will result in apathy as some supporters feel discriminated.

He questioned the loyalty of some ODM nominees in the county saying many will betray Raila after they are elected.

Kodhe echoed his sentiments, asking the people to break the tradition of clinging on to a political party without considering their future.

The LDP secretary general said the majority of political parties lack clear manifestos and objectives, which he said favour personal interests.

Kodhe said the party is committed to providing alternative leadership as the Orange party has failed the electorate.

“We have established that majority of ODM nominees lack clear manifesto and leadership qualities. We (LDP) are giving the people of Luo –Nyanza an alternative that will address their problems,” he said.

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