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Chinese enterprises modify social responsibility in Kenya: report

NAIROBI – Dozens of Chinese firms that have invested in Kenya have revised the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as evidenced by their active engagement in activities that boost living standards of local people, says a report launched in Nairobi on Wednesday.

The 2017 Chinese enterprises in Kenya social responsibility report reveals that companies from the Asian giant have made a mark in the lives of local communities through job creation, skills transfer and ecological protection.

Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Liu Xianfa, executives from Chinese firms and the head of Kenya’s private sector lobby attended the launch of the inaugural social responsibility report prepared by Kenya China Economic and Trade Association (KCETA).

In his opening remarks, Liu noted that Chinese enterprises have been at the forefront of Kenya’s transformation through investments in projects that are attuned to the needs of local people and their surrounding environment.

“Chinese companies proactively carry out social responsibility, comply with laws and regulations and integrate the sustainable development goals into their activities,” said Liu, adding that Chinese firms in Kenya have hired more than 42,000 local employees which represents 87 percent of their total workforce.

The 2017 social responsibility report covered the activities of 73 companies that are affiliated with Kenya Economic and Trade Association.

It revealed that Chinese enterprises that have invested in key sectors of the Kenyan economy like infrastructure, manufacturing and ICT have fully integrated social responsibility in key operations.

“Chinese firms will be able to meet the development needs of Kenya’s society and economy with more clarity, more broadly reviewing win-win outcomes through business development while upholding social responsibility,” said the report.

It added that Chinese firms are committed to help Kenya realize its potential while cultivating harmonious relationship with local communities.

Chairman of Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Nick Nesbitt hailed the contribution of Chinese enterprises towards realization of a new vision for growth and social renewal in the East Africa’s largest economy.

“Chinese companies have made a positive contribution towards Kenya’s socio-economic development. They are providing jobs and resources required to transform under-developed regions,” Nesbitt told Xinhua.

He added that Chinese enterprises that have invested in Kenya present a socially and ecologically conscious business model worth emulating.

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