Defying time, popular Somali news site takes country’s NO1 spot

MOGADISHU –From reporting civil unrest followed by subsequent violence at home, online news reporting has never been bigger for many years and was roundly derided by manyin Somalia which until a few years had one of the lowest internet users in the world.

But things have changed in recent years, thanks to the introduction and advancement ofthe new technology and the country sees a rapid growth in the internet penetration with a large percentage of the population have became more avid users, making the blogging market more competitive than ever before.

Most people have made their phones into a little demigod, carrying it everywhere to surf latest developments. Internet service providers are in business, and its booming with an arising hunger and demand for their services is that almost insatiable.

The latter has allowed one certain news website to fill the gap, providing timely breaking news, exclusive stories and high-profile commentaries and thusbecoming one of several sites hoovering up the largest traffic by any online Somali media few years.

But for the editors of Caasimada Online, they had a long way to go still as they maintained pace by posting daily unique stories and investigative reports that amassed more trafficand made them stand out among its competitors before they hit their objective milestone two years: Somalia’s number one news website that saw them overtook some of the oldest and widely read sites two years.

According to Alexa, an international company that provides commercial global web traffic data and analytics, Caasimada Online which was founded in 2009 still ranks Somalia’s number 1 news website.

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