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Kenyan man with world’s biggest testicles gets surgery

NAIROBI – Facebook has certainly done wonders for today’s modern world, and it has helped a 21-year-old man from Kenya receive surgery for his mysterious medical condition.

Forence Owiti Opiyo, a native of Kibigori, Kenya, was plagued by an unknown disease that caused his genitals to blow up 10 times the average size.

His peculiar condition, as per Metro News.UK, started as a “fist-like” cyst when he was 10 years old.

The unwanted growth was fixed through an initial procedure in 2007, only to re-emerge years later. His testicles grew so big that it hindered his ability to walk, the report said.

“This thing started very small, like a boil, Opiyo described his condition. “Then it was the size of my fist. It just continued to grow bigger and bigger.”

“It was operated on and they removed it,” he shared. “They did some tests and found out it had not been fully removed but I could not come back due to the post-election violence and I stayed home.”

The afflicted man added that he was supposed to undergo another operation, but lacked money.

His saving grace came through his neighbor, Duncan Otieno, who took shocking photographs of Opiyo’s member and posted it on Facebook.

“‘I took his photos and posted it on my Facebook and shared it all over the internet,” he told the news outlet. “After three days, we got a call from Our Lady of Mercy Ranguma and an ambulance picked him up from the village.”

Opiyo underwent two operations: a procedure to remove the excess mass from his genitals and and a second one to reconstruct the shape of his penis. His operation was documented in a video uploaded on YouTube by Barcroft TV.

After two surgeries, Opiyo’s gigantic bulge is reduced to a normal size.  Photo from Facebook/Duncan Muztapha Ian

As of this writing, Opiyo is on his path to recovery and doctors expect him to have a normal sex life and be able to bear children.

The grateful man, meanwhile, expressed his desire to one day sire his own children.

“I would really love to have children one day, that is what I desire. I would like to give thanks to God for healing me,” he said.  Khristian Ibarrola.


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