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Stop harassing MPs, rights group tell Tanzania Govt as three arrested for insulting Magufuli

DAR ES SALAAM – Tanzania’s main human rights group on Thursday criticised the government for its “harassment” of opposition lawmakers, three of whom have been arrested over the past week.

In a statement, the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) said the string of arrests amounted to a “violation of political and civic rights” in a country where multi-party politics is enshrined in the constitution.

On Tuesday, opposition MP Tundu Lissu was arrested for allegedly insulting President John Magufuli after revealing that Canada had seized a commercial aircraft purchased by the government over an unpaid $38-million (32-million-euro) debt to a Canadian engineering company.

It is the sixth time Lissu, a lawyer and deputy head of the main opposition Chadema party, has been arrested this year. In July he was charged with hate speech after calling Magufuli a “dictator”.

He was arrested on leaving court after attending a hearing in one of the other cases against him. Three days earlier, Ester Bulaya, another Chadema lawmaker, was arrested in the north of the country before taking part in a meeting outside of her electoral constituency.

“What law prohibits that?” asked the LHRC statement. And on Wednesday, another MP called Godbless Lema was arrested for taking seven minutes longer than his allocated time for addressing a rally.

The LHRC urged the government to respect the right of all political parties to freely carry out their activities. “Being the member of a different party (than the ruling party) is not a crime.

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rezen Aug 25, 2017 at 3:49 pm

Subject: Stop harassing MPs, rights group tell Tanzania Govt as three arrested for insulting Magufuli by AFP, Aug 25, 2017

Commentary, 25 Aug.2017
HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! I can’t believe it!!! I don’t want to believe it !!! The Government of the impeccable Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) Degree Holder, Mr. John Pombe Mangufuli being accused of “’ “harassment” of opposition lawmakers…”, for expressing their views! Wow!

There goes my hope down the drain into the gutter, OUT OF POSSIBLE THREE enlightened leaders in our entire “Dark” Continent. It must be mysterious phenomenon that no amount of the so-called “MODERN” education can decipher the secrete of Africa. But alas, as an innocent, down to earth, citizen of Africa I have TWO POSSIBLE SAVIORS to keep me going >>> though with my head is still tilted down with shame and inferiority complex in the environment of Western Societies, to which, however, I am greatly appreciative for my daily comfortable Life.

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