Rwanda: Kagame to Cabinet – We Must Do Things Differently

The New Times

President Paul Kagame

KIGALI – After officiating the swearing-in ceremony of the new Cabinet, President Kagame called on ministers to do things differently.

He reminded them that there is no room for complacency in Rwanda and that as leaders; a lot is expected of them.

Rwanda, Kagame said, faces unique challenges including being landlocked and this calls for extra efforts if the country is to successfully achieve its development ambitions.

“We face challenges that are different from our neighboring countries. To solve these issues, we need to do things differently. We can’t afford to live in a comfort zone,” the President said.

The swearing in ceremony took place yesterday in the Parliament Buildings.

The President cautioned the Ministers against any form of mediocrity, saying they must give their best.

“You must strive to always do more, work faster and better. As government, we owe this to our people,” Kagame said, noting that Rwanda’s uniqueness is its ability to deliver on promises with no shortcuts.

In demanding a different work ethic in his new mandate, President Kagame cited examples of what is unacceptable from leaders.

Mismanagement of funds and public resources and not holding accountable those involved saw the Ministry of Justice and Infrastructure come in the spotlight.

The Ministry of Education was also singled out for having three cabinet members but their communication and coordination was found to be lacking.

“We cannot afford to have people who are supposed to be working together, but do not communicate. This must change,” the President said.

“Communication, coordination and collaboration are key to building the Rwanda we want,” he added.

The President told the ministers that Rwandans want improvements across all sectors, be it health, education, infrastructure or justice.


  1. Subject: Rwanda: Kagame to Cabinet – We Must Do Things Differently, The New Times, Sep 1, 2017

    Commentary, 2 Sept 2017
    “We Must Do Things Differently.” Admirably said, needless to say. It can indeed be a beacon to the entire African people. But Life – especially to Africans – is NOT that easy. The problem arises when we realize that the slogan has been a cliché for a very long period of time in the entire Continent of Africa. We know it. Let us not kid ourselves.

    It is the WILLINGNESS, SINCERITY and most of all the CAPABILITY of doing things that are missing in Africa. Colonial powers came to Africa; realized the immense richness and potentiality of Africa; and they just simply possessed Africa – and Africans as slave labourers.

    After the so-called gimmick of “LIBERATION” of Africa, the shrewd and cunning colonial powers just simply adjusted tact of doing things for the SAME objective. In the scheme of things, the Dictators of Africa simply colluded with colonial powers to scratch their respective backs for their respective profits. How many African Leaders, out of the present fifty-four (54), can you count as a democratic leader? Be honest to YOURSELF – don’t worry, no device has yet been invented that detects the thinking in your brain by remote control!!!

    In any case, the innocent victims of Africa remain slaves of the schemers, at the bottom of the strata: hopeless, homeless, poor, permanent refugees roaming around the Globe, becoming the “dreaded creatures” in the so-called ‘civilized’ societies. And so, after all, going around the vicious circle “ WE MUST DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY”. AH! What a Life!

  2. Sad News Item, INFOCUS

    QUOTE: ” Rwanda: What We Know So Far On Missing Rights Activist Rwigara’s Whereabouts East African, 1 September 2017″ Rwandan politician, rights activist and critic of President Paul Kagame, Diane Rwigara and four other family members are yet to be traced after police denied they are in their” UNQUOTE

    If TRUE, it is very sad for all of us AFRICANS. Indeed, the time is way overdo for us to come to our senses and that “ WE MUST DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY”.

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