Uganda lawmakers plan to remove presidential age limit

Lawmakers with Uganda’s ruling party on Tuesday backed plans to remove the presidential age limit, which would allow longtime President Yoweri Museveni to extend his rule.

The ruling party caucus decided to throw out a clause that puts the upper age limit at 75, said Chris Obore, a spokesman for Uganda’s parliament. The issue is not yet on parliament’s agenda, he said.

Museveni, who is 73 and ineligible to run again if the age limit remains, has recently ducked the question when asked whether he wants more time in office, insisting the matter is not so important.

Museveni’s party has an overwhelming majority in the national assembly, and a bill to remove the age limit is expected to pass when the procedural process starts. It’s not clear when that process would start.

Museveni has led the East African country since 1986, when he took power by force following a bush war. Some critics have long accused him of wanting to rule for life in a nation that has been an ally of the United States on regional security.

Although he has warned in the past that Africa’s problem was leaders “who want to overstay in power,” he has since said he was speaking about leaders who are not elected.
Museveni was re-elected last year in a poll marred by allegations of vote fraud. The next election is in 2021.


“The president really wants to remain around ’til he dies,” said Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi, an attorney and political analyst in Uganda. “Certainly the opposition will put up a fight, but whether or not it will be successful is another thing.”

Some opposition figures have said they will stage street protests against any attempt to amend the constitution.

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rezen Sep 12, 2017 at 8:24 pm

Subject: “Uganda lawmakers plan to remove presidential age limit, by Associated Press, Sep 12, 2017

Commentary, 12 Sept2017
The Honourable President of Uganda, in his farsightedness of “steady progress” for his beloved subjects, came-up with an idea “to remove presidential age limit” for Uganda. It is believed the rest of the African Continent, and indeed the entire world, will follow the advice and guidance of the Beloved, His Excellency, Honourable, Far-Sighted President of Uganda. The wisdom of the President, who is mere 73 years young, is reflected by the fact that his unique idea is being tabled four years in advance of his time as President. He intends to stay as President for Life.

Based on His Excellency’s natural tendency, he is ordering the Parliament of Uganda to formalize his order for the benefit of democratic historical record not only in the Republic of Uganda but also around the Globe. No doubt, friends like the mighty United States of America and Great Britain will bless his unique idea with open hand – if not with open heart. It is not a new political phenomenon. It is done (has been done) every second of the day, of the month, of the year! As the saying goes, the ‘ink’ is not yet dry in the History Book of mankind.

Anyway, coming back to our Dear Africa, and Uganda in this case, it is worth noting that the Beloved, Dear President has been in power since 1986. That is thirty one years (31yrs) as an absolute “care taker’ of Uganda and no wonder that Uganda has progressed so high and so far to become the envy of Africa and the world in general.

No wonder again: QUOTE “Supporters of Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni demonstrate their support of an amendment to throw out a clause that puts the presidential upper age limit at 75, in Kampala, Uganda Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017. “ UNQUOTE. See the accompanying demonstration photo.

In the mean time, members of the minority opposition in parliament may go through the motion of crying ‘foul play’ for exhibition. The shrewd president is familiar with it, hence the daily theater in parliament will go on, and on, as long as the monthly salary (plus not spoken side line income) is not interrupted.
By the way, the concept of permanency of the president does not [yet] apply to other Government Employees.

Conclusion: If “modern educated” Africans BETRAY Africa in broad day light then the concept of education as instituted by colonial forces finally (and tangibly) proved to be hollow as well as detrimental to Africa. I repeat (as I did so many times) that Modern Education in Africa was NEVER meant to “EDUCATE” The AFRICAN CHILD but only to arrest his/her mind, implanting INFERIORITY COMPLEX, as to be inherently ashamed of himself/herself for ever – resulting in a ‘dead body’, without being buried. THE END

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