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Amina calls for reformed UN, World Trade Organisation

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has called for the reform of the World Trade Organisation, the United Nations and other institutions of international cooperation to improve their legitimacy, accountability and effectiveness.

Speaking during the Athens Democracy Forum in Greece, Ms Mohamed said the reforms could help reverse the emerging trend in which national interests override the need for international solidarity, becoming a recipe for chaos and conflict.

Ms Mohamed said the institutions are core to global peace, order and development.


“Many of the challenges we face today – from climate change, migration and terrorism to trade and health – are global in nature and can only be effectively tackled within the framework of international institutions of cooperation,” said Ms Mohamed.

She blamed the growing opposition to institutions of global governance on their rigidity and failure to adjust to the changing global landscape.

“To be relevant in the 21st century, the WTO must adjust to the modern economic environment which is today vastly different from what obtained when the WTO was established in 1995,” she said.

Other participants included Swedish foreign minister, Ms Margot Wallstrom, Ukraine foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin, the executive head of UN Democracy Fund, Ms Annika Kaminis, former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan and former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd.

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1 comment

rezen Sep 15, 2017 at 8:27 pm

Subject: “Amina calls for reformed UN, World Trade Organisation”, By Daily Nation, Sep 15, 2017

Commentary, 15 Sept 2017
Reform “the UN, World Trade Organization”??? And proposed by an African Delegate??? Let us ‘be real’ as the saying goes. The UN SYSTEM will only change on the whims of those SUPER NATIONS who created the various institutions based on their own visions and self-interest. Consequently, the rest of the world are condemned to be tramped and play the game of ‘follow the leader’ whether they like it or not. Period.
Based on the above reality, the meeting that took place in “Athens Democracy Forum in Greece” — and other hundreds of international meetings at various sunny and cozy places around the Globe — will keep on going for reasons that we all know. Diplomatic participants and others too will have to go through the “motions”, knowing full well that at the end of the day the decision rests on the Super Powers of the Globe. This is a fact that no realistic person can deny.

Now let us go back to the Honourable Minster of Foreign Affairs of Kenya and recall her attempt to take the helm of the African Union. That would have been meaningful. In my personal opinion (out of gut feeling) she would have been a perfect choice to lead the African Organization and overhaul it left and right, up and down, to make it a meaningful organization for the benefit of the African People. Alas! She lost; and we have to accept democratic process, regardless of our individual misgivings.

And so, the World Turns Around, Around and Around, dropping us all off its surface, one by one, whether we are: rich or poor — tall or short — advanced or backwards — black or whites – scientist or illiterate we will all be thrown into a six-feet grave under the ground or burned into ashes. In this context, VERY SAD TO SAY, THE AFRICAN has been both a corpse on the surface as well as in the deep ground of EARTH. PROVE IT AND TEACH US WITHOUT TANTRUM, IF YOU THINK OTHERWISE. THE END

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