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Warring parties in South Sudan show ‘little interest’ in pushing peace process forward – UN envoy

JUBA – A window of opportunity for compromise over the 2015 peace agreement by warring parties in South Sudan is narrow, the United Nations envoy for the country said today, stressing the urgency to find a political solution and for international support to the process.

“The parties have shown little interest in engaging in serious negotiations on the way forward, despite the various initiatives aimed at finding a political solution to the conflict,” David Shearer, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for South Sudan, told the Security Council.

With only a few months remaining in the transitional period stipulated under the peace agreement, external momentum to support peace is not keeping pace with developments in the country, he added.

He urged the international community to show a unity of purpose to support an implementable peace process that leads to credible elections in due course, but only after a period of transition marked by inclusivity and stability.

Political mediation through the high-level revitalization forum of the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) must be the central conflict resolution strategy, he said.

IGAD comprises Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda.

On the humanitarian situation, Mr. Shearer said the total number of people in need of aid in the country has risen to 7.6 million, citing UN agencies assessment.

VIDEO: Special Representative for South Sudan, David Shearer, calls for greater efforts to re-invigorate the country’s long-stalled peace process.

The number of people displaced in South Sudan rose to nearly four million during the first half of this year, with two million of them having fled to neighbouring countries – Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Within the national border, some places, such as parts of the Greater Upper Nile region, parts of the Equatorias, and areas south and west of Wau, are inaccessible due to the ongoing government military operations against the SPLA in Opposition.

The splintering of opposition forces also has a negative consequence for humanitarian efforts. For example, the World Food Programme’s regular convoys to Yambio – two days’ travel from the capital, Juba – now requires 13 separate permissions from armed groups along its route, he said.

Increasingly, civilians and aid convoys are being targeted along major roadways. This year, 18 aid workers have been killed in South Sudan.

Mr. Shearer, also the head of the UN Mission in South Sudan, said the Mission will soon open a permanent presence in Yei and reinforce presence in Torit and Yambio to deter violence and human rights abuses, and build confidence for people to be able to safely return to their homes.

The small Melut protection site in the country’s north is closing in coming weeks as people there want to return to their homes, he said. Further downsizing of protection sites in Wau and possibly even Bor are also being considered.

But ultimately, this movement critically depends on how the government and opposition forces behave, he said. Where those forces continue to prey on civilians, the POC sites will remain a necessary refuge, he added.

The deployment of the UN-mandated Regional Protection Force will enable peacekeepers to extend their reach into areas most in need. This includes establishing a permanent presence in Yei, and reinforcing troops in Torit and Yambio in the Equatorias to deter violence and human rights abuses and build confidence among local communities, Mr. Shearer said.

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rezen Sep 27, 2017 at 3:54 pm

Subject: “Warring parties in South Sudan show ‘little interest’ in pushing peace process forward – UN envoy” by UN News Center, Sep 27, 2017

Commentary, 27 Sept 2017
The announcement of “the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for South Sudan” sounds like a broken record of ‘crocodile tears’. And it has nothing to do with the well being of the down trodden African people. It NEVER was.

Instead, it had always been the interest of the Western World to satisfy the Agenda of the Western World, in their own terms. The REST [like the UN and complex networks of individual interests here and there] are just instruments for the implementation and security of the Grand Agenda of Western ‘Civilization’. Consolation as it may WRONGLY sound, Africa is now in the process of being engulfed by EASTERN MIGHTY Civilization – with new trappings of new language and all.

Going back to the specific subject at hand, camouflaged by artificial noble ideas of democracy and ‘civilized’ mannerism, “peace agreements” are held at comfortable places, with grand style (champagne and all), resulting in beautiful documents, full of recycled words and tacit understanding of profit motives to interested individuals under the table. Every body is happy and the ordinary AFRICAN keeps on being miserable and destitute, roaming around the Globe as dedicated beggar. Again, cruel as it may be, that is also the real reason for more meetings and understandings under the table. The cycle repeats for ever, and ever, and ever. In due course, the African people themselves will accept their sufferings and demeaning existence as NORMAL based on insidious solid INFERIORITY COMPLEX. And that is THE TRUE END of AFRICA.

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