Suspect lynched after deadly school attack in Kenya

NAIROBI – A student suspected of joining in an armed raid that killed six at a school in Kenya’s far north Saturday was stoned to death by angry locals and his body burned, officials said.

The suspect – a suspended student at the school in Lokichogio – was arrested before irate locals forced their way into the police station and dragged him from his cell.

He was being held over the school attack that left five students and a security guard at the boarding school dead.

“Six people were killed in the attack, including students, and we have others injured,” said Seif Matata, Turkana county’s commissioner.

Matata said the incident occurred at around 03:00 (00:00 GMT) while students at Lokichogio Mixed Secondary School were asleep in their dormitories.

Turkana governor Josphat Nanok said 18 people suffered bullet wounds in the attack.

Members of the Toposa tribal militia from South Sudan, 200km to the north, are believed to be responsible for the violence.

Matata alleged that a suspended student, identified by officials as 20-year-old Abraham Lochor from South Sudan, led the raid.

“The suspect was held at Kakuma police station for interrogation over the morning killings, we are trying to establish how they managed to get him. It’s unfortunate,” said Turkana police chief Ronald Opili.

The Kenya Red Cross said it had evacuated those injured in the school attack by plane for emergency treatment.

Turkana, an arid region bordering South Sudan, is awash with small arms and violent clashes between competing communities over resources and territory are common, as is armed raiding of cattle and livestock.

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rezen Oct 16, 2017 at 1:14 am

Subject: ” Suspect lynched after deadly school attack in Kenya”, by AFP, Oct 15, 2017

Commentary, 15 Oct 2017
News Item: Secondary School students went to a Police Station, high-jacked a prisoner, killed him and dragged his body out …….
• How can that happen in civilized Kenya?
• Are the killers really students or hired hood-looms by “…?… “ to do the killing and start disturbance?
• For what and whose benefit?
• How is it possible that well trained and armed Kenyan Police force let their prisoner dragged out from their cell and killed?
• Are we to believe that Kenyan Police Force are that much hapless and hopeless?
• Who benefits from the disturbance?
• Can the people of Kenya be sure that the forthcoming 26th October Election would be conducted in a peaceful and civilized manner?
• Who benefits from dysfunctional voting system in Kenya? For that matter,
• Who (in general) benefits from the failure of the entire African Continent thus maintaining the disgraceful image of Africa?

Let us go farther than just Kenya.
• Who benefits from Africa’s continuous turmoil, thus maintaining the negative image of Africa?
Hint: The colonialism in Africa by the Western hemisphere was NEVER a temporary adventure.
• Who is now the NEW comer to the exploitation of Africa, thus keeping the old image of savagery of the AFRICAN RACE?
• Can we expect a change of heart by the so-called African Intellectuals of the Highest Order of Education to come to the rescue of their beloved Africa at this crucial moments?
• In the absence of self-rescuing, may the Good Lord or Allah come to the rescue of the Black Race. THE END

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