Uganda expels North Korean arms dealers

Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA – Uganda has ordered two representatives of a North Korean company that deals in exportation of arms to leave the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has written to the North Korean embassy in Kampala ordering Korean Mining Development Trading Corporation [KOMID] to close its office and its representative leave Uganda.

“Accordingly, the government of Uganda has undertaken a number of measures, including any dealings with a sanctioned entity Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation (KOMID) and demanded withdrawal of its representatives in Uganda,” the letter reads.

The expulsion of the Koreas is an enforcement of the UN resolution 1718, which requires all member states not directly or indirect supply, sale, or transfer of arms to the North Korea.

The expelled officials are; Yu Kyong-Jin and Jong Kuk-Chol.  The State Minister for International Relations Henry Okello Oryem said the KOMID representatives are to leave the country soon.

“I don’t know whether they have left. But they know they are supposed to leave,” he said.

KOMID, a state-owned company has offices has different countries around the world and facilitates weapons sales for the North Korean government.

Mr Oryem said Uganda will continue updating the UN on the measures it is taking to comply with the UN resolutions.

Last month, Uganda said it will also not renew the contracts government had signed with North Korea to train UPDF soldiers.  In 2015, Uganda was listed among the top five countries in world that had close ties with the North Korea.

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rezen Oct 18, 2017 at 7:16 pm

Subject: “Uganda expels North Korean arms dealers” by Tom Mugisha, Oct 18, 2017

Commentary, 18 Oct 2017
Museveni, is a master poker player. He knows who is holding what card. At this moment his longevity depends upon the Good Old USA. It is, however, a two-way street. The USA too needs a loyal Dictator to keep things the way they are. It is historical fact that Uncle Sam [the ultimate defender of Liberty as He may be] has no qualms about [so to say] ‘sleeping’ with filthy rich dictators around the Globe.

And so, as long as it lasts, His Highness, The Dictator, The Wise, The Father of All, President for Life, Mr Museveni must play the game — without really [shocking as it may seem} breaking the thread to North Korea for his own bank account and alternative safe place in case he falls out of grace in Uganda! OH! YES, Dictators were never known to be FOOLS. By the way, the Good Old USA knows the GAME too!!!
It is really a stinking World. No wonder the market of PERFUMES of all odors is still flourishing and will always be for ever, and ever., and ever.

In that duration, the Poor Wretched People of OUR DEAR BLACK AFRICA will keep on wandering for ever around the Globe as BEGGARS, for dry crumbs of bread. And Africans who made it to the meaningless paper of Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (Ph D) will keep on begging too at their own level, for their own level of pathetic needs. The only group who made it in Africa are the fifty odd (50+) Dictators who have it both ways until their dangerous games lead them to eventual rat-holes and gutters. Sadam Hussien and Gadaffi come to mind as the ultimate epitome of cowardliness in the Universe. THE END

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