Ethiopia Vows Response for Recent Attacks in Mogadishu

ADDIS ABABA – Following recent Mogadishu attacks, which claimed the lives of more than 300 people, Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn stated that al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab was behind the Mogadishu bombing of October 14, 2017.

Speaking with Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo over the issue in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian premier also stated that he believes that al-Shabaab did this inhuman act of terror on innocent civilians of Somalia to divert attention from problems it faces from within and his government is set to act upon it.

“Setting a strategy to urgently and solidly response to this act in a more strategic way and never letting it happen again was the issue of our focus”.

Farmajo on his part also said Somalia believed Al-Shabaab were behind the attacks even though the group has not commented on the attack which has killed over 300 people whiles over 400 others are injured.

The attack has drawn global condemnation and has upped the tempo on the need to defeat terrorism in the Horn of Africa region. Farmajo also disclosed that he will be visiting Djibouti to solicit support in the fight against terrorism.

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rezen Oct 25, 2017 at 9:19 pm

Subject: “Ethiopia Vows Response for Recent Attacks in Mogadishu”, By Africa News, Oct 25, 2017

Commentary, 25 Oct 2017
Ethiopia has NO business going to war on behalf of Somalia, in Somalia on Somalia’s business.

Once upon a time, Ethiopia had a full fledged devastating war against Somalia. Ethiopia came out as the winner of that war. Ethiopia also went into Somalia as stabilizing force in the internal deadly squabbling among the Somali people themselves. Ethiopia pulled out its forces, never to come back again. QUESTION: WHY THEN REPEAT THE “WAR-GAME” NOW AND WASTE HUMAN LIFE – not to speak about properties and environmental damage?

The President of Somalia, in his wisdom, is visiting African States to help Somalia in its own internal affairs!!! That historical decision will haunt him and his family forever. It must be remembered that the Honourable President of Somalia is also a lucky, full-fledged, citizen of the good old United State of America. Thus, one can’t help pondering >>> why not ask the mighty USA to intervene in Somalia? Of course, we know the answer.

The memory of Uncle Sam of that dreadful dragging of its soldier on the street of Somalia by Somalis will NEVER be dissipated. At the very least the FAMILY of the SOLDIER WHO WAS SIMPLY FOLLOWING THE ORDER OF HIS GOVERNMENT of the DAY WILL NEVER FORGET THE SACRIFICE THEIR SON GAVE TO HIS COUNTRY. It then begs for an answer as to: Why would AFRICAN SONS be dragged into an internal war and LOSE THEIR LIFE for an INDEPENDENT African Country who is sorting out ITS OWN affairs, within ITS OWN norms and political structure. After all – lest we forget — –the Somali people are anthropologically the most cohesive people in Africa, with the same language, the same religion and the same culture.

In any case, as I wrote in another commentary, how can African countries help Somalia on its own affairs while THEY THEMSELVES cannot even handle the atrocities, the dictatorship, the wretched poorness, the inter-tribal frictions, the religious animosity, etc, etc, etc, The list is endless.

African Leaders are only playing games with the Life of the African people. It then follows, the difference between the European Colonizers and the African Dictators is only on the COLOUR OF THE SKIN!!! In fact, it can be argued convincingly, that the Colonial White Masters were more benevolent to the African people than the Black Indigenous Masters. I am digressing. I STOP HERE and let …..

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