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Displaced south Sudanese accuse NGO of hiding poor conditions from US diplomat Haley

Tom Mugisha,

JUBA –Displaced people in a South Sudan camp have accused a French charity organization ACTED of hiding poor living conditions from the US diplomat Nikki Haley who was in South Sudan this week.

They say they were deeply disappointed when Haley’s visit was cut short on Wednesday because they expected her to visit their camp.

Ambassador Haley had to travel with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan camp in Juba because of security concerns over a turbulent demonstration against President Salva Kiir.

A South Sudanese refugee girl is seen at the Nguenyyiel refugee camp during a visit by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley to Gambella Region, Ethiopia October 24, 2017. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri

The cancellation sparked a second demonstration among the residents to express their anger over not being able to meet Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

The camp hosts more than 30,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) who fled their homes because of a civil war that began in 2013.

Tut Albino, deputy chairman of one portion of the camp, was quoted by VOA’s South Sudan in Focus that he and other residents anxiously hoped to meet Haley and ask her to help bring peace to the country.

“The community was celebrating but the reaction happened after ACTED denied the community to meet with [the] visitor. After ACTED diverted the venue from the right venue, the community reacted,” Albino said.

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rezen Oct 28, 2017 at 9:03 pm

Subject: Displaced south Sudanese accuse NGO of hiding poor conditions from US diplomat Haley, by
Tom Mugisha, Oct 28, 2017

Commentary, 28 Oct 2017
“NGO hiding poor conditions from US diplomat” Yes, a NEW visitor may raise HELL about the crimes being committed by ‘professional’ to fill their pockets for Life at the expense of the everlasting poor conditions for the African ‘illiterates and savages.’ YES, again, the NEW U.S.. Ambassador Nikki Haley (for good background reason of who she is) would definitely be sympathetic to the African People.

Having said the above, however, even the energetic and sympathetic Ambassador will come to realize — over a ‘training period’ — the immense power of the so-called charity organizations. They are, frighteningly, the most influential category in the Western Hemisphere who can drastically affect the Life of politicians and other sentimental Souls. The agenda of the Western Hemisphere [and even the EAST] is to address and fulfill their ‘AGENDA’, NOT to develop Black Africa for Africans >>> NEVER !

The good Ambassador will soon learn the reality of Life for the Black African People. No, the African Baby that she is fondly touching on the Photo will NOT have equal opportunity in a World dominated by Racists, through and through. Especially, at this period of time, where a racist is the Supreme Commander of the most powerful nation on Earth, the African People will NOT have a fair share, nor sympathetic attitude from anywhere. And, OH1 Lord, the Ambassador is a member of that organization, sent to Africa to appease Africans!!! It is a CYNICAL WORLD.

This last paragraph is devoted to OUR twenty or thirty thousand (20,000 -30,000 African Intellectuals with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (Ph. D) from Ivy League Universities in the Western Hemisphere. What will be their role in the renaissance of Africa? ANSWER: ZERO, NOTHING, NIL, NADA.

From their early CHILDHOOD they were NEVER given EDUCATION but only ‘TRAINING” to memorize – completely devoid of rationality and sense of analytical mind. Hence, they become perfect ‘mimickers’ and pretenders.


rezen Oct 29, 2017 at 12:27 am

ADDENDUM to the above entry >>>”Displaced south Sudanese accuse NGO of hiding poor conditions from US diplomat Haley, by Tom Mugisha, Oct 28, 2017 ”

Dear Readers,
In respect to the THIRD paragraph of my commentary above, I recalled a story of a Kenyan mother with her adorable child and kept a copy of it in my File (for ever!). I have a problem reproducing the photo here [it is a gem of a photo] . Anyway, here is the accompanying Text.

QUOTE: By Muchemi Wachira NAIROBI, Kenya –A street mother killed her nine-month-old child before she cremated the body at Uhuru Park in Nairobi, which is a public recreation facility. Margaret Nduta confessed before a Nairobi court that she used old clothes to burn the body of her kid Hassan Juma Karanja, after he died after falling ill. The child according to the mother had been sick for a long time. She did not have money to seek medical attention for him and she could also not afford to inter his remains. Nduta spoke uncontrollably when she appeared before the court to answer charges of manslaughter. “Police found Nduta sitting next to the burning body of the boy at Uhuru Park in Nairobi on June 27, 2016,” a prosecutor told the court. Police records further state that Nduta allegedly took the life of her son because he had been sick for a long time. The court heard that Nduta, who alleged in court that she is a mother of five, did not flee even when police approached her. “She sat watching the body of her son burn,” the investigating officer states in a statement to court. EIGHT SIBLINGS Nduta also told the court that she has eight siblings but does not know where they are. Most street mothers in Kenya usually abandon their children once they attain the age of two to three years. UNQUOTE

Nduta and her adorable child ARE US — AFRICANS. Her story, in DEPTH and GRAND SCALE, is OUR STORY in depth and totality. WE are — WE should be — the master of our DESTINY. Our History shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that AFRICA MUST RELY ON ITSELF FOR THE BENEFIT OF AFRICANS. There is NO OTHER WAY TO SALVAGE THE DIGNITY OF THE AFRICAN BLACK RACE. Period!!!

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