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Uganda president summons ruling party’s top organ over age limit

By Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA – President Museveni has summoned the National Executive Committee, the top organ of the National Resistance Party to discuss the ongoing debate about the Constitutional Amendment to remove presidential age limit.

The ruling party publicist Rogers Mulindwa said Museveni who is the national Chairman of the ruling party will meet the NEC members at State House Entebbe today at midday.

“The president has summoned NEC in his capacity as national chairman of NRM. The meeting will discuss several issues on the agenda but also explaining to the members about the age limit bill” said Mr Mulindwa said.

The meeting of the NEC comes four days after the Central Executive Committee (CEC) sat at State House, Entebbe and approved its support for the amendment of Article 102b of the constitution.

The Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 that was moved last month by Igara West Member of Parliament Mr Raphael Magyezi is before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee for scrutiny.

Members of parliament are also in recess to consult their voters on the same bill and have since Monday received Shs 29m each for the work.

The NEC is comprised of the party’s National Executive Committee members, the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary  General, the national treasurer, Deputy National Treasurer; the deputy national treasurer, National Secretaries of NRM,  Members of Parliament (NRM), NRM parliamentary flag bearers and  NRM flag bearers for district chairpersons.

Others are; the Municipality Mayors (NRM), NRM members of East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA), National Executive Committee members of all Special Organs, all Chairpersons of NRM Branches in the Diaspora, 30 Members of NRM Historical Leaders Forum, Chairpersons of NRM District Conferences; NRM Chairpersons of districts, and not more than ten eminent persons elected by the Council upon nomination by the Chairperson.

The Chairperson may invite not more than 5 individuals who have made a special contribution to the struggle or who have special skills or experience, to attend the NEC as observers.

Mr. Mulindwa said that the NRM members of parliament who by the party constitution are members of the NEC will not participate in today’s meeting because the president has already addressed them in their caucus.

“The Mps (NRM) will not be part of this meeting because they recently met the president in the caucus where they agreed on how to popularise the bill. Friday’s (today) meeting will be to explain the bill better to the different party leaders because there has been misinformation about it”. Mr Mulindwa said.

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1 comment

rezen Oct 29, 2017 at 7:35 am

Subject: “Uganda president summons ruling party’s top organ over age limit, By Tom Mugisha Oct
28, 2017

Commentary, 28 Oct 2017
It is amazing! It is hypnotism! It is absolute fear! It is absolute abdication of thyself

How else could we explain that the Members of “National Executive Committee, the top organ of the National Resistance Party” of Uganda [RE: PHOTO] would quietly swallow the demands of one mortal human being, drank by POWER & MONEY and demanding to be the President of Uganda for Life, with a distinct possibility that his wife and his off-springs would take over after his demise. In the true sense, he is claiming that Uganda belongs to him and his Family. AND HE IS DEMANDING THAT THE HONOURABLE Members of His Party OBEY HIS ORDERS, WITHOUT QUESTION.

In an ordinary circumstance and healthy environment such a behaviour would be interpreted as sheer madness. But in OUR AFRICA everything seems to be ‘hurvy-turvy’. Perhaps the longevity of our colonized Life must have turned our culture, our mode of behaviour into collective inferiority complex and total madness. It seems, we are becoming like Zombies! By the way, the Dictator of neighbouring Burundi has also announced his desire to follow the example of his neighbour!!! And of course, the disease will spread to the nearest and far parts of DEAR AFRICAN CONTINENT. Africa, it seems, is even more “DARKER” than the European exploiter (of a century or two ago) who baptized Africa with that added name.

Perhaps, we should explore the possibility of getting ‘helping hand’ from our AFRICAN Enlightened Intellectuals of the Highest Order, attested by Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (Ph D) from Ivy League Western Universities around the Globe. There is an Africa joke >>> “IF YOU HAVE TO JOKE, JOKE PROPERLY” !!!

And so, we are left with empty hands for alms from our OLD Colonial European Powers, as well as from a NEW polite, aggressive, Asian Exploiter. It seems the African Continent was never meant for the African People!!!! THE END

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