Uganda police arrest prominent Ugandan rights activist

Frank Gashumba speaking tough in an interview criticizing the ruling government on corruption last September.

By Timothy Sibasi,

KAMPALA – A Seasoned Human Rights activist and the C.E.O of the National Action for Awaking Uganda (NAAU) Frank Gashumba was last night (Monday) arrested by CMI operatives at its Headquarters in Mbuya where he had gone to rescue his brother Innocent Gashumba who had gone missing since Thursday last week, officials say.

“All I can authoritatively tell you is that his brother Innocent Gashumba who went missing for 3 days without any clue miraculously made a call to him (Frank) and revealed that he was detained by CMI at Mbuya and denied him access to communication and had not been told any reason for his arrest. But Frank Gashumba was also immediately arrested by the same operatives on reaching there to ‘rescue’ his brother, and no reasons given too yet!” Frank’s personal lawyer Denis Nyombi of Denis Nyombi & Co. Advocates in an interview revealed to All East Africa a few minutes ago.

Denis also confirmed that Frank Gashumba was driven to his home this morning by security operatives and searched his entire home and came back with him back to the cells without saying a word about their intentions or the findings of their search.

The real reasons for the duo’s arrest can for now remain speculative until we hear from the arresters, Denis said.

Frank Gashumba was recently allegedly banned by Uganda Communications Commission from being hosted on any media house for being too ‘critical’ to the ruling Gov’t.

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  1. Subject: “Uganda police arrest prominent Ugandan rights activist” By Timothy Sibasi, Oct 31, 2017

    Comment, 31 Oct 2017
    We need EXPOSURE like this. Thanks, Timothy Sibasi, for bringing out the reality of Africa, not only in Uganda but also in all fifty-four African States. In this manner, it is hoped that AFRICA would wake-up from its legendary conscious nap to save AFRICA.
    In this manner, perhaps ONE DAY we will be lucky enough to see the FORMATION of African Intellectuals Union with the sole objective to SAVE AFRICA. It may be possible.

  2. Addendum
    In my rushing to enter my commentary, I missed the cardinal point of the news item i.e. to express my admiration for the gallant “Seasoned Human Rights activist and the C.E.O of the National Action for Awaking Uganda (NAAU) Frank Gashumba”. I AM TRULY SORRY — THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR IT.

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