Rwanda gov’t blacklists 180 contractors

KIGALI – The Rwanda’s National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) has blacklisted 181 companies especially construction firms accused of giving false information during tendering processes.

At least 30 of the total blacklisted companies gave wrong for government tenders, and poor contract performance after being awarded tenders.

These companies are mainly small and medium enterprises – and some owners who were quoted by the East African newspaper  on condition of anonymity said  they struggle with internal challenges, such as lack of capacity and limited skills to prepare proper bid documents.

Others however, are considering lawsuits against the government agencies that blacklist them.

“Several public entities lack credible procurement plans. They have gaps in the processes, but instead of addressing those gaps, they act quickly to blacklist companies, especially small ones, when they think that there is an irregularity,” one business owner said.

Procurement practices

The same business owner added that although the blacklisted companies are not barred from applying for bids from the private sector, they are shunned because their names and companies are publicly listed on government websites.

Director general of NPPA, Augustus Seminega said the agency regularly conducts training seminars countrywide to empower small and medium firms in preparing professional bid documents.

“When you look at the reasons why some of them are blacklisted, it’s because they offer falsehoods on their documents. Sometimes these falsehoods are prosecutable; so blacklisting them is important because we want only credible companies to be dealing with government,” he said.

“We are trying to empower them by training them, and we are reviewing the tendering systems in ministries and other public agencies to close gaps in public procurement plans,” he added.

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rezen Nov 5, 2017 at 1:02 am

Subject: “Rwanda gov’t blacklists 180 contractors” by, Nov 4, 2017

Commentary, 4 Nov 2017
“180 contractors[are] blacklisted … accused of giving false information during tendering processes. … and poor contract performance after being awarded tenders.” Amazing!

The first question that popes to mind is this: why did the government agency “awarded [such] tenders”? Or was there something fishy on the government side? After all, the phenomenon of ‘under-table shake-hands’ is a ‘universal secrete’. Or are we expected to believe that Rwanda’s Government is unique and custodian of Purity of Halo?

In any case, 180 contractors to be accused of ‘shoddy’ dealings would mean so many people were involved on the other side of the ‘table’ >>>wink, wink, wink. Not good for the image of a Leader of a Country, with extraordinary ego, which claims the purity of governance and relationship with companies doing business with.

If the Article was meant to reflect the efficiency, purity and honesty of the Rwandan Government, it failed, miserably. After all, Readers have their own opinions and freedom to express their views as they see the subject matter. Any government against that NORM shouldn’t “jump” in the first place. It is an African saying which warns a person who has a weakness of controlling emission of intestinal gas not to attempt high jumping!!! Ahhh… the way, we Africans had a lot of wisdom before we succumbed to foreign civilization without a shred of analytical suspicion. Sad!

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