Rwanda bids to host continental tennis general assembly

KIGALI – Rwanda Tennis Federation (RTF) president Kassim Ntageruka has revealed that Rwanda has submitted a bid to host the Confederation of Africa Tennis (CAT) Annual General Assembly scheduled for April, 2018.

While speaking about development of tennis in Rwanda, Ntageruka confirmed that they already submitted the bid, noting that ‘we have high chances of hosting the event.’

“We have high chances of hosting the AGM in Kigali next year, we’re confident,” Ntageruka said, adding that, “we expect the International Tennis Federation (ITF) president (David Haggerty) to visit Rwanda before a decision is made.”

Ntageruka further confirmed that Rwanda was granted the rights to organise the Africa Under-18 tournament in June next year. Last year’s continental AGM was hosted by Tunisia.

CAT is divided into five zones namely: Zone IV (Eastern Africa), Zone V (Southern Africa), Zone III (Central Africa), Zone II (West Africa) and Zone I (Northern Africa).

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rezen Nov 9, 2017 at 9:08 pm

Subject: “Rwanda bids to host continental tennis general assembly” By New Times (Rwanda), Nov 9, 2017

Commentary, 9 Nov 2017
Sport, exercise, body movement are essential for human health.

In Africa SPORT has another goal: to keep the entire population of a country mesmerized by sport, laughter and even fighting among themselves ; hence completely forgetting their actual status in their own so-called FREE countries. Literally, they forget that they are actually SLAVES [including High Fluting Intellectuals!!!] to self-appointed DICTATORS for Life. In other words, the people are simply turned, and tuned, to be walking robots. And the DICTATORS are happy to have millions of obedient SLAVES.

Eventually, the horror of horror, the people believe that they are BORN TO SUFFER and to be beggars roaming around where ever the trails leads them. The example of AFRICA, that “DARK” Continent, is a living phenomenon where human beings are crushed so deep as to become obedient zombies.

Humble Note: Unnecessary energy consuming TANTRUM is not going to help — accept your situation and reality; get up and make yourself owner of your own Life; and be Proud Member of Humanity. THAT IS ALL.

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