Uganda’s opposition leader eludes arrest by police 

BY Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA – Uganda’s opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye has evaded police arrest after he escaped from police officers who had waylaid him in the northern town of Gulu.

Police had blocked him from holding a rally to campaign for the Forum Democratic Change party presidential candidate Mr Patrick Amuriat.

Dr Besigye, formerly the FDC president is campaigning for Amuriat who wants to become the third president.

Besigye, who has contested four times but lost to President Museveni, had been held static in his car for nearly three hours since 3:00pm by armed riot police officers who also blocked his car with a police firefighting truck and police patrol pickup.

After running battles between police and the Besigye supporters, police decided to move and arrest him.

Police led by the acting Aswa Regional Police Commander, Mr Osteen Wanyama had failed to convince him to leave the rally venue. Dr Besigye locked himself in his car refusing to talk to Mr Wanyama.

Wanyama and other police officers decided to tow Besigye’s car to Gulu Central Police Station to record a statement but he realized [Besigye] wasn’t in the car.

The mysterious disappearance of Dr Besigye of prompted a frantic pursuit of Mr Amuriat’s car that had left a few minutes earlier.

The FDC publicity secretary for North Mr Kelly Komakech said police failed to trace the route Besigye used to escpae.

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rezen Nov 9, 2017 at 8:38 pm

Subject: “Uganda’s opposition leader eludes arrest by police” BY Tom Mugisha, Nov 9, 2017

Commentary, 9 Nov 2017
“Uganda’s opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigy has evaded police arrest” WELL DONE DR. BESIGY!!!!

In the land dictated by the ruthless Dictator, graduate of Makerere University; self-appointed president of Uganda for the last thirty-one years and demanding to be President for Life, DEMOCRACY, RULE of LAW, etc are for the ‘BIRDS’, as the saying goes! Makerere University, Department of Humanity, must be ashamed, to its bones, to produce such a human animal.

To: Dr. Kizza Besigy
MAY NATURE BESTOW UPON YOU GOOD LUCK, as you have NO hope from the Highly Educated Ugandan Intellectuals of the Highest Order from renowned universities around the Globe. THAT IS HOW, AND WHAT, WE ALL ARE i.e. AFRICANS. I have no heart to use the RIGHT term for such phenomenon.

However, I must tell you this story: I met a THIRD GENERATION a full fledged Chinese lady from Africa. YES, THIRD GENERATION. She was born and raised in Africa. She left Africa twenty-five years ago, for good. Narrating her story to me, she was simply SHUDDERED [no exaggeration] to talk about Africa. In short, she vowed NEVER, NEVER to see Africa again. Personally, I don’t blame her at all. I have my own story — minuscule as it may be.

To decipher AFRICA would require unborn yet deeply qualified persons in psychology, psychiatrist, anthropology, sociology, medicine, history….. THE END

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