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Despite government assurance, Kenya sees post-election rerun violence

By Njeri Kimani,

NAIROBI – At least 60 Kenyans were subjected to gender based violence from security agencies during the chaos that rocked the country following the August 8th poll in Dandora, Mathare, Kisumu and other affected areas, sources say.

Disturbing reports indicate a disturbing pattern where the perpetrators, were mostly police officers and men in uniform who were deployed in the area to protect the communities AFFECTED by the   election related violence.

Other reported perpatrators included militia group and gang members who took advantage of the chaos. Cases of sexual violence involved rape, gang rape, sexual assault, indecent assault and forced nudity accompanied by severe physical assault, according to the Human Rights Watch report.

Ten years ago, the Commission Of Inquiry into the 2007 Post Election Violence documented 900 cases of rape and other forms of sexual violence, which it termed as a “tip of the ice berg.”

Kimani Nyoike, a Human Rights activist, admits that rape was one of the tools that was being used to “make a statement” to a cross section of Kenyan communities.

“Police were very much involved in GVB. Sadly other recorded cases included supporters of various candidates as well as the emergence of gangs. We had a sad case of Nimo who was raped and her six month old unborn baby ripped from her womb. Its unfortunate that this could happen in our country,” he added.

Human right activist Vincent Tanui confirms that there are over 60 documented cases of gender based violence against women in the previous elections from security agencies. He cited Mathare, Nairobi and Kisumu as the hardest hit.

“In whatever conflict, including the Kenyan elections, sexual gender based violence is used as a tool of war. The perpetrators use this to further humiliate and subjugate women. In the cases noted it was not accidental as it was being used to demean and punish communities which were parties in the conflict.” he added.

The government denial of such cases, Tanui claimed, was a classic response.

“Ironically they even denied that people were being killed by police in the August 8th and October 26 post election wars.  Yet, people were still being treated for gunshot wounds in hospitals. For instance, Baby Pendo was killed yet the government they were still shifting responsibilities,” he added

The Human Rights Watch raised concern over the inability of survivors of sexual violence to access timely and appropriate medical services hampered the collection and documentation of medical forensic evidence that is vital to support accountability efforts.

The Center for Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance called for the prosecution  of the perpetrators of GBV, citing that most of the cases went unnoticed.

“There is urgent need to bring to book the people who were behind the increased cases of rape, harassment and beating of individuals. The use of GBV as a tool of war has continually forced many of the victims to suffer and live with lifelong consequences including unwanted pregnancies or HIV. The law should take effect against the culprits, who in some cases can be positively identified by the victims,” said John Kamande, CEDGG Program Coordinator.

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rezen Nov 17, 2017 at 11:48 pm

Subject: “Despite government assurance, Kenya sees post-election rerun violence” By Njeri Kimani, Nov 17, 2017

Commentary, 17 Nov 2017
There is no meaningful word to express the DEPTH of the AFRICAN TRAGEDY.
WE, AFRICANS – wherever we may be, in what ever profession we are in; for how long we have been away from Africa etc. are ALL AFFECTED by a strange phenomenon that affects the core of our BRAINS
I honestly believe that Colonialism has been much, much more cancerous than mere occupation of Land. It has affected the depth of our beings: our mentality – our rationale thinking – our ability to differentiate between right and wrong – our ability to differentiate between friends and foes — our ability to know who we are. We have become like a ball of tweeds in the Sahara Desert, blowing in every and any direction aimlessly.

Kenya cannot conduct a simple voting system for the collective benefit of the People of Kenya. Kenya cannot raise and put herself on the pedestal of civility, democracy, farsightedness and form a government for the well being of Kenyans. Kenya is a reflection of Africa.

Why do we, Africans, struggle to flog ourselves when a peaceful and healthy avenue is available for a sane and healthy Life? Since we cannot get rationale answer for our behaviour, we are forced to look at the ancient African simple saying before colonialism was used as the culprit for our strange behaviour. It goes like this [sorry for butchering the wisdom]: “He can’t help it; the Lord has cursed him” It means, it is undefinable in our Planet!!!

So, we go back to colonialism. Take EDUCATION. The Colonialist never intended to educate the African People but only to train them to do the elementary aspect of what to be done, as slaves for the benefit of the colonizers. But the depth of the cruelty is in the arresting of the MIND of the African Child –in the school. How? By constantly preaching of the colonizers natural superiority, their glorious history; their enviable way of Life and daily routines etc …………. At the end, the African Child starts to imitate the “civilized” Masters – but, alas, without ever attaining proficiency thereon. And so, INFERIORITY complex sets-in and the AFRICAN exists confused, lost and pretentious. Independence is achieved but the AFRICAN is LOST as to what to do with it. It is a very long story far beyond this commentary.

However, one line of curiosity is absolutely necessary. It is estimated that there are about 30,000 – 40,000 African Intellectuals of the Highest Order, with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (Ph D), from Ivy League Universities around the Globe. Questions: What have they achieved for the benefit of the African people? Answer: Nothing Reason: They are incapable of getting together and come-up with a PLAN for the development Africa, in their respective fields. That is done by the new slick colonial masters, as a form of consultants, contractors, advisers, enablers, etc., with a little something sweet for the pocket to all involved on the African hierarchy. And so, our beloved Africa is turned into casino , hunting ground, mineral exploration, real estate, etc for smart alecks from the West and the East. Africa does NOT belong to Africans.

Cry, MY BELOVED AFRICA – since the good Lord has turned his/her back to Africa.

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