I will fire you, Museveni threatens striking doctors

By Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA – President Museveni has threatened to sack all the striking doctors whose industrial action has paralyzed the health sector in Uganda.

Museveni issued the warning in the western town of Fort portal where he said government would replace the striking doctors with news ones.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni. (Reuters)

It’s not clear where government would get the new doctors if the striking doctors are fired, however, the president ordered military doctors to start working at hospitals where patients have been stuck on Tuesday.

 “The doctors have betrayed me. We had selected a committee to review the salaries of civil servants in the country. It had just completed its work and doctors have decided to strike. Many people have lost their lives,” Mr Museveni said, “How can you strike and let people die because you want a pay rise. This is intolerable. We shall fire doctors who don’t want to work,”

The strike has entered the second week as medical doctors demand a pay raise, citing wage disparities in the country.

The doctors want government to review their monthly salaries which will see an intern doctor earn Shs8.5million from the current shs960, 000 before tax.

But government says their demands are unrealistic. They also want a medical officer or a teaching assistant at Uganda’s medical school at the National Referral, Mulago to be paid shs15million and also given a two- bedroomed -house and a 2.5cc vehicle.

They also demand that a senior consultant doctor or a Professor be paid a gross salary of Shs35m minus allowances and five- bedroom house, 4.0cc vehicle and   three domestic workers.

Currently, a senior consultant doctor earns about Shs3.4million, consultant 2.6m and a Medical officer gets 1.1million as a monthly salary.

The doctors also want the salaries for nurses and midwives enhanced to about 6.5million besides a 3 bedroomed house, 2.0cc vehicle and one domestic worker

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rezen Nov 17, 2017 at 9:31 pm

Subject: I will fire you, Museveni threatens striking doctors, By Tom Mugisha ,Nov 17, 2017

Commentary, 17 Nov 2015
First, let us start from the President for Life.

Question: What is his total yearly income? What is his regular entitlements as a Ruler of the Nation? What is his countless privileges as quasi self-appointed Ruler of the Country What is the unknown wealth, being accumulated by the day in “off-shore” safe vaults?

Answer We will NOT (NEVER) get the whole Truth.

Discourse If a simple mortal human being can milk the nation at his own will (and for Life), why can’t the people of the nation ask, debate, negotiate about their own Life? Every person must be able to ‘haggle’ ; to manage; to administer her/his Life to the best of her/his ability. I would have liked to add the words “according to the Rule of Law and Justice” but, sad to say, there is NO LAW and JUSTICE IN AFRICA.

What we have in Africa is a DICTATE from absolute DICTATORS who consider the people and the land as their own slaves and properties. This a fact. THERE IS NO RULER IN AFRICA ACCOUNTABLE TO STAND ON TRIAL in respect of ‘trespassing’ the RULES AND JUSTICE of the Land.

Appeal to the Medical Employees.
Not withstanding the reality of Africa, it is nevertheless incumbent upon YOUR OWN HUMAINE JUDGMENT to make sure that you do not give way (unconsciously) to a DICTATOR the excuse to continue abusing human rights. In that reverse scenario, it WILL be one of the saddest historical regret on your part.

The Medical Profession of Uganda, while defending (with dignity) the interest of its membership, from top to bottom scale, must make sure that YOU will NOT be the laughing stoke of a DICTATOR!!! Yes, laughing stoke of a DICTATOR!!! Learn from recent past history of another people’s action (in another Continent) in the EXACT situation (though not of the same profession). It is a warning worth considering seriously, and embark on the correct route to your dignified, honourable and reasonable grievances. Be a good example to your fellow Africans and make us all be proud of YOU. . GOOD LUCK.

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