South Sudan peace guarantors meet in Uganda

KAMPALA – Representatives of the South Sudan on Thursday met with the Uganda’s State Minister for International Relations Okello Oryem to discuss the current political crisis in South Sudan.

The representatives named Troika members from Norway, United Kingdom and United States met Foreign Affairs ministry on Kampala.

 Paul Sutphin (USA), Mr Chris Trott (UK) and Mr Erling Skjonsberg (Norway) discussed the current refugee crisis in South Sudan.

The statement issued by Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Ministry on Thursday said there is an urgent need to end the crisis that has displaced millions of people.

“They emphasized that the dire humanitarian crisis in South Sudan is the direct result of the conflict and called on all parties to cease violence against humanitarian workers and obstruction of humanitarian assistance,” the statement reads

The Troika also endorsed the ongoing efforts by IGAD and praised Uganda’s peace initiative to bring the warring parties to the negotiating table.

Oryem said Uganda will continue playing a mediatory and conciliatory role between the belligerent parties to ensure that an agreement is reached.

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1 comment

rezen Nov 17, 2017 at 7:47 pm

Subject: “South Sudan peace guarantors meet in Uganda”, Nov 17, 2017

Commentary, 17 Nov 2017
Very interesting news item >>> “peace guarantors”!?!?
Very interesting and shrewd maneuvering of a DICTATOR of a Host Country

South Sudan is being used as a conduit for a SCHEME OF THE DICTATOR of the Host Country.
Members of the most advanced countries of the world are being used as respectable and impeccable mediators: USA, UK and Norway (1). They are called TROIKA and being used as a TOOL for the DICTATOR of the host country.

The African Union and any Africans expert or entity are NOT used for South Sudan’s problem. Not surprising. Reason? African mediators, useless as they are, can never help to advance the shrewd aim of the DICTATOR of the Host Country. The whole charade is NOT about South Sudan. Keep reading.

The foreign minister of the host country used the tragedy of an African country with grandiose phony emotion to cover-up the shrewd intention of the Dictator of the Host Country. And indeed, it is very effective. Read and re-read the following quote:

QUOTE: “The Troika also endorsed the ongoing efforts by IGAD and praised Uganda’s peace initiative to bring the warring parties to the negotiating table.” UNQUOTE
• “effort of IGADA”: We know it was useless and failure

The Dictator of the host country is only interested in building his image as unique leader ever created, as unique Diplomat, as an Intellectual of the highest order, as a caring, selfless, dedicated person for Humanity >>>> and therefore [here goes the PUNCH line] the DICTATOR deserves to be acknowledged world wide as Noble Man and as THE PERMANENT PRESIDENT of Uganda FOR LIFE, and even a memorable Dictator for ever after !!! THE END
Post script. (1) I wish to express my disappointment over the inclusion of Norway in the TROIKA. As a simple commoner ‘joe’, I have personal respect and admiration for the Scandinavian countries. To see Norway in that scheming Troika is sad. Norway deserves better image.

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