Kagame gives medals to friends of Rwanda

KIGALI – President Paul Kagame on Saturday awarded he Igihango National Order of Outstanding Friendship medals to nine people for their “good work and friendship” to Rwanda.

According to New Times, the nine new members of the National Order of Outstanding Friendship include, Hezi Bezalel, Howard G. Buffett, Gilbert R. Chagoury, John W. Dick, Dr. Paul Farmer,  Dafroza Mukarumongi-Gauthier, Alain Gauthier, Prof. Linda Melvern and Joseph Ritchie.

Hezi Bezalel, an Israeli businessman was recognized for standing with the country through hard times and for building ties between Israel and Rwanda over the years.

Bezalel who was described as an ‘ally for all seasons’ has been living in Rwanda since 1994, when the country faced genocide.

The American investor and philanthropist Howard G. Buffett was also given the medal. He was described as a ‘visionary of sustainable well-being’ was also honoured.

Buffett has made significant contribution to Rwanda’s agricultural transformation, national parks, as well as security across the great lakes region.

Ambassador Gilbert Chagoury, who was termed as an ‘envoy of goodwill’ played a great role in fostering ties between Rwanda and Vatican at a time when relations were shaky.

Chagoury, a businessman with Nigerian and Lebanese roots continues to act as a counsellor to world leaders and is well known for his philanthropy.

Others are; John Dick, the founder of multi-billion dollar satellite company, O3B, Health founder, Dr. Paul Farmer, Dr. Farmer, Alain Gauthier and his wife Dafroza Mukarumongi-Gauthier.

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rezen Nov 20, 2017 at 4:29 am

Subject: “Kagame gives medals to friends of Rwanda”, Nov 19, 2017

Commentary, 19 Nov 2017
It is always good to recognize the good efforts of others. It is also good to establish a good foundation for future eventualities. In our ‘rotating’ world and unknown eventualities it is always good to have alternative choices.

Take the president of Zimbabwe. No doubt he has already established solid and strong conclaves in various parts of the world. It is rumored that Mr. Mugabe, the hero and proud dictator of yesterday and his charming aggressive Wife have paradises at various places of the world — like Malaysia and Indonesia, etc etc though not in the old colonial island (UK).

To tell the TRUTH and only the TRUTH, The above scenario is applicable to 98 percent of the African Leaders. As to the ordinary African population, may the Good, Benevolent, Lord, up in Heaven, help them in their roaming around the Globe in search for crumbs of bread and open shelter for their nights dream. WE AFRICANS ARE WHAT WE ARE.

But I would not finish my commentary without a word or two of admiration for the gallant, disciplined, graceful people of Zimbabwe for their graceful expression of opinion about the change of Government in their beloved Country. Wonderful! WHAT AN EXAMPLE TO AFRICA!!! PERHAPS, WE AFRICANS HAVE REPRESSED JEWEL of CHARACTER. PERHAPS, it is the beginning, not the end, of AFRICA.

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