JPM warns corrupt CCM cadres

THE ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM)’s National Chairman, President John Magufuli, yesterday warned members of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC), against endorsing unqualified candidates for leadership positions at regional level and national wings basing on favouritism.

The party’s high-level organ started its meeting in Dar es Salaam, yesterday, during which it screened 3,004 names from the regions to contest for 261 posts. “Don’t come here with names of your favourite candidates in your pockets … I have a file for each name.

I may read information about each of them for you,” Dr Magufuli stressed when he opened the meeting. He told the 115 members that they were entrusted to approve the right candidates who fit in the current party’s values.

President Magufuli explained that recently, the party went through a renewal process through revisiting attitudes of its members in implementing its vision.

“We began such a revolution last year, aiming at bringing the party back to its principles; the changes have been a thorn in the flesh for those who were used to live lavishly,” Dr Magufuli explained, adding that those remaining are those with genuine love with the party, not personal interests.

Highlighting on the fight against corruption among party leaders, Dr Magufuli said: “We want those who hate vice and are accepted by people in their areas.” Earlier, CCM’s Secretary-General Abdulrahman Kinana gave an overview of the meeting, saying it was well-attended.

Yesterday, 115 members of the NEC attended the meeting out of 119 members of the organ. He said the gathering was going to vet and endorse contestants for different leadership posts at regional level as well as for party’s national wings.

President Magufuli presided over the meeting while others who were in attendance were the party’s vice-chairpersons for Zanzibar and Mainland, President Ali Mohamed Shein and Philip Mangula, respectively.

Other distinguished members of the committee were Vice-President Samia Suluhu Hassan and Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa. Meanwhile, Lydia Shekighenda reports that later in the evening the party’s Secretary for Publicity and Ideology, Humphrey Polepole, held a press conference at CCM sub-office along Lumumba Street and said the candidates who will be endorsed by the committee will be discussed and given the green light during the party’s general conference to start on the 27th of this month.

Mr Polepole elaborated that at regional level, the selected candidates are going to vie for the party’s chairmanship, political secretaryship and NEC membership. At national level, some of the contesters will seek votes to head party’s wings for parents, youth and women.

Their names will be forwarded to the general conference to be held from November 27, for electing the leaders. NEC yesterday unveiled a list of candidates for national level party wings leadership posts.

For Women’s Wing national chairperson the contestants are Ms Gaudensia Kabaka, Dr Juliana Manyerere, Sophia Mpumilwa and Ngolo Malenya. Dr Edmund Mndolwa, Eng Burton Kihaka, Mr Simon Lububu and Mr Fadhili Maganya will vie for Parents Wing’s national chairmanship.

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rezen Nov 23, 2017 at 1:34 am

Subject: “JPM warns corrupt CCM cadres” By Daily News, Nov 22, 2017

Commentary, 22 Nov 2017
WARNING vs CORRUPTION. We have heard it all. Every leader has said it. And the people of Africa heard it ONCE, TWICE, TRICE and stop listening to that broken record.

It has been fifty-four years since the African Union was established with fan fare and so many promises to liberate the poor people of Africa; to forge decent Life, commensurate to African outlook outside the prism of colonialism; to bring back the dignity of the Black Race and finally throw away the yoke of colonialism from external — as well as internal charlatans. IT WAS JUST SWEET DREAM.

We Africans are destined not only to be the laughing stock of the World but also physical subservient [in many forms and shapes] to outside/inside forces in tandem. WE are now rejoicing about the development in our fraternal Zimbabwe which was ‘colonized’ by indigenous Lion of Dictator for forty-seven (47) years.

Zimbabwe is now FREE under a “Crocodile” Leader of seventy-four (74) years old. In twenty years time Zimbabwe will be going through the cycle of being governed by possibley a charming “Tiger”. One writer made a forecast that the next string of shows may be in Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Eritrea….

Be that as it may, the African People’s destiny seems to be in a perpetual quasi-slavery under indigenous brutality and/or perhaps under the 21st Century Sleek foreign colonialism from different wind direction. The change in Zimbabbwe has that new direction of smooth wind. THE END

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