Uganda: Striking doctors won’t go to heaven – Priest

LIRA: A Catholic priest in Lira District has asked medical practitioners currently striking over salary discrepancy countrywide to call off the strike or they forget going to Heaven.

Mr John Bosco Omilo of St Koletah Catholic Church in Lira Municipality warned that God will punish the doctors for refusing to save lives.

He was preaching at a burial of a 27 year-old accident victim, Walter Agwa, in Kirombe village, Akwayo parish, Adyel Division in Lira Municipality on Thursday.

The deceased was reportedly knocked by a speeding motorcycle along Northern bypass, Bombo Road while he was walking with a friend to buy goods from a nearby shop on Saturday. He was then rushed to a nearby clinic but passed away on Sunday.

“Walter wouldn’t have died if there were doctors to work on him at Mulago Hospital. They are only arguing about their salary increment leaving people to die as if striking is the only way of solving issues,” the priest said.

“God will punish them because they are leaving his people to die yet they can do something that can save lives,” he added.

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rezen Nov 23, 2017 at 11:37 pm

Subject: “Uganda: Striking doctors won’t go to heaven – Priest” By Daily Monitor, Nov 23, 2017

Commentary, 23 Nov 201
“Striking doctors won’t go to heaven”, declared by a young Christian Priest. It is typical for Africa. Africa, out of desperation and hopelessness, has given-up on itself a long time ago. The African spirit was ruthlessly crushed by colonial forces for many decades, only to be liberated and subjugated by its off spring ruthless Dictatorial devils.

It was too much for Africa; thus it has given-up, completely. Even the arousing news item of Mugabe may very well be like striking a match only to die away after a flickering spark. AMEN! May the Lord Be Blessed.

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