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Kenya: 4 killed, 8 hurt in post-poll-petition violence, say police

Four people died and eight others were injured in violence that followed the Supreme Court decision to uphold re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday, a police report indicates.

According to the report released by police spokesman George Kinoti, three police officers were among the injured.

The deaths occurred in Kibera and Kariobangi in Nairobi, Migori, and Kisumu.


“Following the ruling dance and celebrations was reported several parts of the country apart from Nyanza and parts of Nairobi which experienced some unrest,” Mr Kinoti said.

He explained the fatalities: “Police on standby at Ayany, Kibra, spotted five youths breaking into a house. When the officers challenged them, one of them drew a homemade pistol and fired at the officers who responded and fatally injured him. The others disappeared towards the railway. The pistol loaded with two rounds of ammunition was recovered.”

The other death occurred at Gatwekera, also in Kibera slums, where a 65-year-old woman was shot.

“She was hit by a stray bullet on the right thigh while in her house. It was not established where the bullet was fired from as at this time, some youth were firing at police officers. The matter is under investigation,” Mr Kinoti said.

The woman died at St Mary’s Hospital in Lang’ata while undergoing treatment.

In Kariobangi, according to the police account, a man was shot dead at Darfur.

“A group of about 15 youths stormed a private residence at midnight. Police who were on patrol responded. One thug confronted an officer with a machete and hit him on the head,” added Mr Kinoti’s statement released on Thursday night.


He said the officer shot in self defence.

Another person was killed in Migori town: “A large mob of rioters went on rampage barricading roads and blocked the main bridge in the town. Business premises including M-pesa and hardware shops were broken into and looted. Police responded and during confrontation, one person was seriously injured and succumbed in hospital,” Mr Kinoti added.

Other violent incidents were also handled by the police.

At Kondele and Pap Onditi neighbourhoods in Kisumu, groups of youths moved around, stopping people and demanding they show their national identity cards.

“The protests took an ethnic dimension. They profiled their targets and attacked business perceived to belong to non-locals. In all situations police restored calm and cleared roads,” Mr Kinoti also said.

Roads were also barricaded at Congo, Stage 2, Stage 56 and Muslim areas in Kawangware, Nairobi.

In Mathare iron-sheet structures were set on fire in area 3C.


In Lolwe, Kondele, a businessman reported to police that he lost property worth Sh 524,000 after youths raided his bar, took away crates of beer and furniture.

“On the way, the youths stopped a lorry and set it on fire. The owner of the vehicle and the driver escaped unhurt. Within the same area youths moved from house to house looking for non locals,” said Mr Kinoti.

He added: “Police responded and rescued 10 non locals and evacuated them to Migosi patrol base.”

In another incident in Kayole, a gang stopped a saloon car pulled out the occupants and beat them up.

Two Safaricom boosters were also vandalised in the area.

Firefighters also responded after one of the boosters was set ablaze at Lasco petrol station in Nyawita.


In Awasi, a matatu belonging to Prestige Shuttle services, was stopped at an illegal roadblock and its windows smashed.

Fourteen suspects were arrested at Tuffoam in Busia town after police confronted gangs that attempted to break into the Sony Sugar depot.

Jumesh Tile Centre, also within the town, was broken into and property looted.

Diesel Inject Services Limited, a motor vehicle spare parts shop in Kisumu was also raided by gangs and looted.

In Siaya, Mr Kinoti said, about 500 youths barricaded Kisumu – Busia road at Ugunja township and three police vehicles had the windscreens smashed in confrontations that followed.

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