Uganda: Soroti hospital mortuary closes

Soroti Regional Referral Hospital has closed its mortuary services following a breakdown of its refrigeration system.

According to the hospital administration, the four-capacity refrigerator became faulty about two months ago and Shs4.6m is needed to have it fixed.

Currently, residents who seek autopsy and preservation of bodies have to move 100km to either Lira or Mbale hospitals.

Some are now opting for quick burials for their deceased relatives as they cannot meet the costs of transportation and treatment involved.

“It wasn’t our wish to have the late buried in such a quick way but we had no cheap option as the mortuary was down,” Pastor Rogers Ekaju said, while referring to the renowned deputy Bishop for Soroti Baptist church, Moses Elebu, who died a fortnight ago.

He added: “We thought of having the body transferred to Lira but we were told that the mortuary was also overstretched with no guarantee of space.”

On Tuesday, relatives who had their deceased temporarily pushed in the morgue were waiting to rush the remains of their bodies home for burial.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, the hospital director, Dr Francis Mulwanyi, confirmed the situation and appealed for government’s quick intervention.

Dr Mulwanyi said the hospital is planning for a big refrigerator due to the high demand.
The senior hospital administrator, Mr Paul Ajuku, said there has been delays in procurement.

“You cannot use government resources the way you buy food for your family. Government has its own procedures as regards procurement and accountability. And these must be followed,” Mr Ajuk said.

He revealed that the current morgue has two tables and can only accommodate four bodies.

According to Mr Ajuk, for autopsy services, the hospital charges Shs150,000 per body, which is credited to the hospital account.

He said the hospital which serves eight districts that constitute Teso sub-region, receives close to 1,000 patients weekly with several death registered.

Although the crisis has not affected them yet, the East Kyoga police spokesperson, Mr Michael Odongo said the services offered at the morgue are so crucial in the day to day activities of police.

Other cases

In March 2016 , the Pathology Department at Mbarara University of Science and Technology teaching hospital has closed the mortuary following the breakdown of the refrigeration system and asked the police to stop taking dead bodies there.

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rezen Dec 7, 2017 at 9:45 pm

Subject: “Uganda: Soroti hospital mortuary closes”, By Daily Monitor, Dec 7, 2017

Commentary, 7 Dec 2017
Dear African Folks: Isn’t the above news a perfect sign — foreboding?
Here we have a hospital that cannot provide “preservation of bodies” because of — out of all things — “breakdown of its refrigeration system”!!! Why? ” According to the hospital administration, the four-capacity refrigerator became faulty about two months ago and Shs4.6m is needed to have it fixed.”

Dear African Brethren,
Do you believe it is a CURSE from the Good Lord way, way, way up in the sky who created Black Africans to be a mockery of humanity? Sorry for asking. We must shoulder the blame on ourselves by our selves. We have done a lot of excuses for so long on Colonialism that it is a broken record. It is about time that we should admit that it is time look upon ourselves to save ourselves.

Look at our Dictators like Museveni and fifty something of them. In their so-called parliaments, they even have overwhelming support to continue the policy of whipping their country people and looting their resources for their own private Life, for eternity.

What do the African Intellectuals, with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees from Ivy league Universities around the Globe , do to emancipate their Brethren the AFRICAN PEOPLE from the Hell of the indigenous replacement of colonial masters? Don’t hold your breath — it is not going to happen.

At the same time, would you also expect anything worthy to happen through the fifty-four member Africa Union? If there is a common word in Africa it is >>> NO, NO, No, NO…………. ENDLESSLY.

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