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Rwanda, Uganda to receive Israel deportees ‘in a matter of weeks’

Rwanda and Uganda will start receiving a large number of African refugees deported from Israel “in a matter of weeks,” a court in Tel Aviv was told on Tuesday.

During the hearing of a case filed by human-rights organisations seeking to block the deportation of refugees, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, State Prosecutor Shosh Shmueli told the High Court of Justice in Tel Aviv that the Israeli government plans to begin deporting asylum seekers within the “next few weeks,” according to a report by Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The official said that the government will begin implementing the agreements signed with the recipient countries.

Both Kigali and Kampala have admitted working with Israel on the issue of African refugees, but little has been revealed of what the agreements entail. According to reports, both countries have already started receiving African refugees, but mass deportations of the close to 40,000 are about to start.

When the High Court president Esther Hayut asked about the schedule for the deportations the state prosecutor replied, “Very soon.” The Judge asked “How soon?” to which the state prosecutor replied, “Weeks.”

Seven judges are hearing the petition. Human-rights groups are seeking to compel Israel to halt the deportations and scrap a law requiring asylum seekers to deposit 20 per cent of their earnings into an account that they will only be given access to upon leaving Israel.

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rezen Dec 10, 2017 at 7:33 pm

Subject: “Rwanda, Uganda to receive Israel deportees ‘in a matter of weeks’”, By The EastAfrican, Dec 10, 2017

Commentary, 10 Dec 2017
Rwanda, Uganda will be receiving soon (“in a matter of weeks”) destitute AFRICAN deportees from Israel. Too many Black Africans are not wanted in many light skin countries of the Globe — ONLY the natural rich resources of their Continent and the people there-in as their slaves, but far away from their own environment. The financial arrangement with the two African recipient countries is not disclosed. It is left for our own imagination and calculation, apart from the obvious glaring craving desire for international imagery of the two African Presidents, for extended period of time.

Another sad aspect of the subject matter is the fact that the deportees are “mainly from Eritrea and Sudan” who fought (in their respective ways) years and years of war to “liberate” themselves from colonizers. For example: Eritrea fought a 30-year war against Ethiopia for LIBERATION and wound up being the suppliers of refugees to Ethiopia. The irony of irony, there are about thirty thousand (yes, 30,000) Eritrean Refugees in “enemy” Ethiopia — in some cases, even admitted to a University therein , free of tuition!!!! If that is not a tragedy of tragedy what else would we call it — less than blaming God in Heaven for being CRUEL to us Black Africans. THE END

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