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Museveni, Besigye hold campaign rallies in neighbouring sub-counties today

President Museveni, who is the NRM national chairperson and Dr Kizza Besigye, former FDC presidential candidate are campaigning for their candidates in two neighboring Sub counties of Ruhuumuro and Kyabugimbi respectively ahead of the Thursday Igara East by-election.

Mr Museveni is expected to have his first rally at Nyeibingo play ground in Ruhuumuro Sub county and later have the second one at Bwera primary school playground in Bumbaire Sub county, whereas Dr Besigye is already campaigning in Kyabugimbi Sub county, which is about 15km apart from Museveni’s first rally.

Mr Museveni is in the district campaigning for NRM flag bearer, Mr Andrew Martial as Dr Besigye campaigns for FDC flag bearer, Mrs Christine Ninsiima Bekunika in the six candidate tight race.

Dr Besigye arrived in Bushenyi on Sunday and started campaigning for his flag bearer in Kyeizooba Sub county where he said they should vote for someone who is opposed to the lifting of presidential age limit in Parliament.

He campaigned in areas of Kabuba, Rwenyena,Kakamba, Kyeizooba, and Rwentuuha town council on Monday afternoon.

In Dr Besigye is in the company of FDC’s newly elected president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat, secretary for mobilization Ms Ingrid Turinawe, former Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality MP Mr Odo Tayebwa, among others.

Other independent candidates in the race are Michael Mawanda whonis former MP, Bedads Kananura, David Armstrong, and Benjamin Katana are campaigning in other areas of the constituency.

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rezen Dec 12, 2017 at 8:39 pm

Subject: “Museveni, Besigye hold campaign rallies in neighbouring”sub counties today” By Daily Monitor
Dec 12, 2017

Commentary, 12 Dec 2017
Let us be honest. Would it really make any difference to the ordinary down trodden African whether we have Mr. M or Mr. B or Mr X, Y, Z. ?

I thank for proving us with a space to express our opinion and release our internal pressure. Even then, not many African Readers [in fact NONE] really care to express their opinions about their Africa. One cannot help concluding that they simply gave up on Africa. I wouldn’t pass judgement condemning them.

We Africans [literate and illiterate] are conditioned to live under colonial masters for so long that any other master of indigenous product wouldn’t make any difference. We are hypnotized to OBEY!!! All the charade of liberty, democracy, freedom of expression, justice, equality, independence, constitution ….are, as the slang goes, ‘for the birds’ — NOT for the African Race. The proof of that assertion is in the present solid REALITY. HAVE A NICE SLAVERY. THE END

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