Museveni cautions youth on alcohol, reckless sex

MBALE: President Yoweri Museveni has cautioned youth in Bugisu region against indulging in reckless sex and over consumption of alcohol.

Speaking as the guest of honour during the first Bamasaba Cultural festival, which took place at Malukhu playground in Mbale Town, on Saturday, the President said such behaviours affect one’s life span and productivity.

“Alcohol and prostitution will interfere with your life and productivity. I know Bagisu boys like drinking but they should stop for the good of their future,” he said.

The President said the cultural institutions should mobilise and sensitise their subjects on social and economic empowerment.

“Your role is to sensitise and advice our people so that they can navigate through life. Life is not easy because they can end up with bad results,” he said.

He also appealed to cultural leaders to work for peace, stability and harmony in their communities, adding that investors will not invest in their jurisdictions if the environment is uncondusive.

“Work for peace in your areas to ensure there is no war, crime and conflict and also avoid endless court cases,” he said.

On infrastructure development, Mr Museveni said the NRM government has rehabilitated the four major roads in the region, which include Mbale-Tororo- Soroti, Mbale- Lwakhakha, Mbale- Tirinyi and Mbale- Kapchorwa road.

“Those roads have been worked on or are still under construction and the remaining two shorts roads, Sironko- Nalugungu and Mbale- Budadiri, will also be worked on,” he said.

He added that government is establishing the industrial park in order to fight unemployment.
The Umukukha, Mr Bob Mushikori, thanked the government for restoration of cultural institutions but pleaded for more funding.

“We are deeply involved in social and economic development but at times we are handicapped because of financial constraints,” he said.

Mr Mushikori said the institution is intending to establish an education resources centre that will house a library, a vocational centre, museum, auditorium and a health facility.

Mr David Woniala, the minister of Diaspora in Inzu Ya Masaba, said the festival, which hosted annually, was aimed at showcase Bamasabasa culture, art and history.

The festival was organized by Inzu Ya Masaba in partnership North American Masaba Cultural Association, (NAMCA) to foster unity and development in Bugisu region.

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1 comment

rezen Dec 18, 2017 at 12:52 am

Subject: “Museveni cautions youth on alcohol, reckless sex”, By Daily Monitor Dec 17, 2017

Commentary, 17 Dec 2017
Let the TRUTH be told.
Museveni, as an absolute DICTATOR, has been doing, — still doing — and will still continue doing harm to Ugandans for Life than his advice against alcohol. He himself is destroying the entire country – not alcohol or “reckless sex”, as he put it.

Museveni and fifty other African Dictators, have been, and still are destroying the entire Continent of Black Africa. In normal definition, the ACT of African Dictators is nothing less than the annihilation of eight-hundred-thousand (800,000) Rwandans — our Brothers and Sisters who destroyed each other at the instigation of sleek AFRICANS who are still alive and still doing damages.

Back to Museveni. If Museveni is really caring for Ugandans, as he pretends to be, let him:
a) announce the end of his Presidency at the end of his Term; b) immediately, initiate a preparation for new election at the end of his term; c) devote his free time on humanitarian work in Uganda; and, henceforth d) agree to live an honurable and productive Life as commoner Ugandan.

Let Museveni be daring and an exemplary person to Africans Dictators Museveni has been the Dictator of the Ugandan people for the last thirty-five (35) years. Let his conscious prick him and admit, to his Lord in Heaven above, the Truth of his Presidency towards improving the lively hood of ordinary Ugandans. We understand that TRUTH hurts; but, there can never be salivation without accepting thy sins. THE END

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