Kenya watchdog says 92 people killed in election violence

NAIROBI – Ninety-two people were killed during Kenya’s months of election turmoil and dozens of others were sexually assaulted, a human rights watchdog said Wednesday.

Most victims “were felled by the bullet” and authorities must account for “how the officers under their command used the live ammunition that had been assigned to them,” according to the report of the independent Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.

The group reported 86 cases of sexual or gender-based violence, saying it was “extremely worried” by the emergence of sexual violence “as a weapon of subjugation” during political contests.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has accused Kenyan security forces of killing scores of his supporters. Police have denied it. They also called a recent Human Rights Watch report alleging gang-rapes by men in uniform in opposition strongholds “utter falsehoods.”

Odinga lost the August presidential election but successfully challenged the results while alleging irregularities, leading the Supreme Court to nullify the vote in a first in Africa.

Odinga boycotted the court-ordered repeat vote in October, saying electoral reforms had not been made. President Uhuru Kenyatta won that election with 98 percent of the votes.

The new allegations add to pressure on the government to investigate allegations of violence targeting opposition supporters.

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rezen Dec 21, 2017 at 2:49 am

Subject: “Kenya watchdog says 92 people killed in election violence” By AP, Dec 20, 2017

Commentary, 20 Dec 2017
The Kenyan most sad and tragic development was already expected with fear.

Of course, the protagonists will have to explain for history their blind individualism that led the ordinary people of Kenya to massacre each other for the benefit of the instigators.

Isn’t it enough that eight-hundred thousand (800,000) Africans have already been liquidated by each other, at the direct instigation of ambitious indigenous individuals? Are we to assume that we Africans are so devoid of any feelings that we would let another liquidation taking place, within a span of 23 years? If that is so, it would then rightly be assumed the historical negative image of Africa [too insulting to spell it out here] labeled upon Black Africans Species on Planet Earth. THE END

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