How MPs have voted on lifting age limit

Members of Parliament are this afternoon voting on whether to lift the age limit from the constitution or maintaining it.

The mode of voting is; the clerk to parliament calls out the MP’s name, then the MP openly says either yes or no.

Bellow is the list of MPs who have so far cast their vote.

Hon Ababiku: Yes

Hon Abachacon: No

Abiriga: Yes

Remigius yes

Opendi: Yes

Aciro Lucy: No

Acon: Yes

Adeke: No

Adome: No

Adong: No

Agaba: Yes

Achiro: Yes

Akampurira: yes

Akello Lucy: No

Akello Sylvia: No

Akena: No


Akurut: Yes

Aleper: yes.

Ameru: No

Amoding: No

Among Anita: Yes

Amongi Betty: yes

Amongin Jacqueline: yes

Amoru: Yes

Amule: Yes

Angundro: Yes

Angura: yes

Anite: Yes

Anyakumi: Yes

Anywarach: No

Aogon: No

Aol Ocan: No

Aridru: Yes

Ariko: No

Arinaitwe: yes

Arinda: Yes.

Adana: Yes

Hon Asamo: Yes

Asimo: Yes

Asiku: Yes

Atiku: No

Anywar: Yes

Atim Joy: No

Ogwal: No

Atyang: yes

Afua: yes

Awor: Yes

Atima: yes

Ayepa: Yes

Ayo: yes

Baba James: Yes

Babirye Judith: Yes

Babirye Sara: yes

Babirye(masaka) No

Bafaki: yes

Bagole: Yes

Hon Baguma: Yes

Bahati: yes

Nambooze: No

Bakabukindi: yes

Balyeku: yes

Bangirana: yes

Baryayanga: No

Baryomunsi: Yes

Batigeka: Yes

Syda: Yes

Bebona: Yes

Bigirwa: No

Bintu: Yes

Birungi: yes

Bitangalo: yes

Bukenya M. Yes

Burundo: Yes

Butime: yes

Byabagambi: yes

Byandala: yes

Byarugaba: Yes

Byekwaso: yes

Centenary: No

Chekamondo: yes

Chekweo: Yes

Chelimo: yes

Chemutai: No

Cheptoris: yes

Damuzungu: Yes

Baba Diri: Yes

Dujanga: Yes

Echweru: yes.

Egunyu: Yes

Eitunganane: No

Etuka: Yes

Hon Fungaro: No

Gafabusa: No

Galabuzi: yes

Gonahasa: No

Guma: yes

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